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CSS3 Selectors Follow-up

Hi all!

Thanks for attending the workshop, and thank you to our TAs [TODO:TA names] for being such great helpers. We’d love your feedback on the class in this survey, if you didn't already fill it out in class.

The slides will remain online at

More resources

If you go back through the slides, you can click through to links that we didn't cover in class. You can also read these articles for additional explanations of what we learned:

Practice, Practice:

There are study groups every Wednesday through Women Who Code. Those are a great opportunity to work on exercises or your own personal blog/website. If you are working on your own, you can post questions in the GDI SF #help-desk channel.

Future Classes

We have many JavaScript classes coming up. CSS can do amazing things these days, but to make your webpages truly interactive, you will need JavaScript. Check out all the upcoming events on the GDI SF Meetup.

Keep flex'ing those CSS muscles! :)