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#GDI SF HTML/CSS Workshop Follow-Up

Hi all!

Thanks for attending the workshop, and thank you to our TAs [TODO:TA names] for being such great helpers. We’d love your feedback on the class in this survey.

The course will remain online at for you to continue working through. Our shared doc will remain at [TODO:shared doc url]

Practice, Practice:

There are study groups every Monday and Wednesday through Women Who Code. We also have PairUps every few Saturdays. THose are a great opportunity to work on exercises or your own personal blog/website. RSVP on Meetup: [TODO: meetup URL]

Future Classes

Now that you've learned the basics of HTML and CSS, you can learn more CSS techniques: [TODO: meetup URL for CSS Tools & Techniques]

You might also want to browse through these CSS3 slides.

You hopefully also want to learn JavaScript, the language we use for making webpages interactive. We’ll hold JS 101 [TODO: insert JS 101 date]. You can RSVP here: [TODO: meetup URL].

After that, we’ll have more advanced JS workshops [TODO: insert dates and examples] to give you a full tour of Front End Web Development. If you can’t make JS 101 or want to get a head start, you can work on it on your own on Khan Academy.

Looking forward to seeing you at future workshops!