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Web Accessibility

Course Description

Learn how we can write code that helps to remove barriers that exclude people with disabilities from accessing and engaging with Web content.

Lectures will provide an overview of how people with a varied range of disabilities use and access content on the Web.

Exercises will take students through the process of modifying existing code to make site content and functionality more accessible to people with varying abilities.

All topics are mapped to one or more of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as appropriate.


Basic HTML

Tech requirements

  • Your laptop (Mac, PC, Linux) and charger
  • Headphones
  • A modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

If you do not have a laptop, please contact the instructors. We have a limited number of Chromebooks for students to borrow.


Payment is required to attend. If you'd like to attend but cannot afford the cost, click here to request a scholarship. Due to the number of applications, only the scholarship recipient will receive an email a few days before the workshop. Thank you for your understanding!

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