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Thanks for attending the workshop, and thank you to our TAs [TODO: TA names] for being such great helpers. We’d love your feedback on the workshop in this survey. [TODO: Add link to survey]

The slides are available at: We will try to always keep them available at that URL.

The upcoming JS APIs workshop will show how to do cross-domain requests and get data from other servers. The OO MVC and Backbone workshops will build on top of AJAX to build a more structured data-driven webapp.

Here are some relevant online tutorials on AJAX:

Want to try AJAX with some APIs? Here are some open ones that you might enjoy:

I recommend opening up your dev tools on your favorite websites and see what AJAX calls they make. Get curious.

Stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, and Slack. (Not a member? Sign up for GDI SF Slack here). Hope to see you at future workshops!