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Follow Up Email

Hi all!

Thanks all your hard work this weekend. It looks like there was lots of great progress on your websites and creative applications of Bootstrap components :) Very proud of you all. Thank you Brenda for coordinating and Sarah for being such a proactive TA. The course will remain online at:

Stay in touch by showing off your websites and asking your questions at/in/on #bootstrap-fall-16 on Slack.

Save the Date for our Holiday Fundraiser 11/30 and share your experience by writing a blog post:

A couple themes that came up

  • Organizing your project - Consider creating folders for your assets (css, img, and eventually js), especially as your website grows. index.html should stay in your root/top-level folder. Once you have multiple files you're referencing it might be a good idea to separate out your images, CSS, and (eventually) Javascript files you're loading into a separate asset folder(s).
  • File naming for the web - Make your files more understandable to the computer, avoid using capitals or spaces in your file names. Stick with lowercase letters, digits, and underscores/hyphens.
  • Whitespace and nesting - To save time debugging and code readability and making sure you use proper whitespace and indentation. Some text editors have auto-indent; Sublime has a plugin. In Sublime Text you can collapse and expand code blocks by clicking on the arrows on the left where the line numbers are.
  • How to override bootstrap styles with your custom CSS - Create your own CSS file and link to in your HTML using the attribute in your . Order matters, so remember to link your custom CSS after you've included the Bootstrap files. You can use Chrome inspector to see what selectors and rules are being applied for Bootstrap styles; copy the selector and write your own rules.

#Future Classes Now that you've learned how to create basic websites with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap you might want to learn JavaScript, the language we use for making webpages interactive. We’ll hold JS 1 + 2 on this upcoming weekend of July, which will be taught by Claire Bendersky, Solutions Engineer at Moveable Link and Jaclyn Karnowski, Content Development Manager at Udemy. You can RSVP here:

After that, we’ll have more advanced JS workshops like APIs and React.JS. to give you a full tour of Front End Web Development. If you can’t make JS 101 or want to get a head start, you can work on it on your own on Khan Academy. Looking forward to seeing you at future workshops!

Cheers, Truc & Mary Ann