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Guideline Definition Language v2
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Resolve "Ignore precision when check equality of two dv_quantity values"

Closes #42

See merge request CDS-PLATFORM/shared-libs/gdl2!30
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Build Status

This is dev project of gdl2 in order to explore new features and ideas on the language level.

Major changes/features

  1. Data binding agnostic to EHR data models (e.g. openEHR / EN13606 / FHIR )
  2. Template definition for output objects with new use_template statement with template-level variables
  3. Individual references and way to reference to specific reference in the rules
  4. CDS-Hooks Cards & Suggestions as result of rule executions

Other minor changes

  1. JSON based GDL model serialization and deserialization
  2. Built-in common data types
  3. Package name changed to org.gdl2.*
  4. Light-weight java8 runtime interpreter
  5. Immutable value objects for the model and data type classes
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