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BGLR: An R Package for (Bayesian) High-Dimensional Regression

The BGLR Package (Perez-Rodriguez & de los Campos, 2014) implements a variety of shrinkage and variable selection regression procedures. In this repository we maintain the latest version beta version. The latest stable release can be downloaded from CRAN.


From CRAN (stable release).


From GitHub (development version, added features).

   install.packages(pkg='devtools',repos='')  #1# install devtools
   library(devtools)                                                     #2# load the library
   install_git('')                         #3# install BGLR from GitHub

Note: when trying to install from github on a mac you may get the following error message

ld: library not found for -lgfortran

This can be fixed it by following the following advise.

Genomic Regressions

Other Omics

Markers or Pedigree and Environmental Covariates

-Wheat (SNPs and env. covariates): Jarquin et al. (TAG, 2014)

-Cotton (Pedigree and env. covariates): Perez-Rodriguez et al.(Crop. Sci, 2015)

Image Data

-Aguate et al. (IBC, 2016)