Android app for Grand River Transit (Region of Waterloo, Ontario) bus schedules
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This is the source code for the Grand River Transit Android app available
in the Android Market as .

This is developed under the Eclipse editor, the project for which is under
the `Android' directory in this tree. The other directories contain stuff
useful for building the database that is shipped with the app, as well as
a copy of the raw data.

The transitfeed stuff actually comes straight from Google: see and
the associated tools. This is replicated here merely for convenience while
developing, and may be removed from here in future, or at least not kept
up to date.

If for some reason you don't want to, or can't, use the Market, a copy
of the app is available at .

This app was made possible by the Region of Waterloo agreeing to release
all their bus data for the Grand River Transit system (GRT) as an open
data GTFS feed. See .