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Chargify Wrapper for the Django Framework
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Latest commit 6f2e47f @gdoermann Cleaned up the api parsing for clients. I also added code to create u…
…nique references while testing by default (keeps the tests passing even with data already in the chargify site)


Chargify API wrapper for the Django framework

This is a Django wrapper for the Chargify API which requires pychargify (it actually includes it as I have made some alterations to include coupons). 
It allows you to interface with the Chargify API by just creating and manipulating standard model objects. 

Place this library on your python path
Add "chargify" to your installed apps
Modify the to include your Chargify info
sync your database

Notes on django south:
If you use django south, this application is under migration control.
When you sync the database it will try and do an import from chargify for you to import existing information from

south (optional)

  Greg Doermann - Core Development

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