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OctoPod plugin for OctoPrint. Used for sending real time push notifications
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This plugin sends immediate push notifications to your iOS devices running OctoPod once a print has finished, bed reached target temp, bed cooled down or MMU requires user assistance. Push notifications when print is finished include a snapshot of the configured camera. If you have multiple cameras then you can include a snapshot of any of them. Even if the cameras are not connected to OctoPrint you can still include a snapshot of the camera.

This is the complete list of supported notifications:

  1. Print finished (includes camera snapshot)
  2. Bed warmed up to target temp for a period of time. Helps get smooth first layers
  3. Bed cooled down below specified threshold. Ideal to easily remove prints from bed
  4. Extruder cooled down below specified threshold. Ideal to know when to turn printer off
  5. Printer paused for user. This may happen when running out of filament or when doing manual multi color printing (M600)
  6. MMU requires user assistance (requires Prusa firmware)
  7. Firmware errors. Get security alerts like thermal runaway, probing failed, min temp error, max temp error, etc.


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


Once plugin has been installed, go to Settings and under Plugins you will find a new entry OctoPod Notifications. You must complete the field Notification Server URL (use default value) and optionally complete the field Snapshot URL if you want a snapshot in the notification. Update Bed, MMU and other notifications as needed.

You can test the configuration before saving it by using the Send test notification button.


0.2.1 (08/03/2019)

  • Send notification when extruder (tool0) cooled down below threshold once print finished
  • Added Swedish translation. Thanks Jonas Bohdén

0.2.0 (06/30/2019)

  • Send notification when printer paused for user
  • Send notification for firmware errors (e.g. runaway temp, min temp error, max temp error, probing failed, etc.)
  • Send notification when OctoPrint lost connection to printer
  • Notifications are now displayed even if the iOS app was killed by user
  • (bug fix) Not all iOS devices were receiving bed or MMU events
  • (bug fix) Sometimes Print Finished notification is displayed twice
  • (bug fix) Log level is not restored after a restart

0.1.3 (06/16/2019)

  • Send MMU Notification when user assistance is required. Requires Prusa firmware.

0.1.2 (05/28/2019)

  • Initial Release
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