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Switch to using GEM_HOME based bundle installation to get round probl…

…ems of gem development (no Gemfile.lock in git) and bundle --deployment (requires Gemfile.lock)
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1 parent 2bfcd89 commit 4cc3e63ccbf26d7f48c7afa2b03d1ba93d96e457 @fidothe fidothe committed Apr 11, 2011
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@@ -14,5 +14,6 @@ source "/home/jenkins/virtualenvs/${JOB_NAME}/bin/activate"
PYTHONPATH=py nosetests -w test
source '/usr/local/lib/rvm'
-bundle install --path "/home/jenkins/bundles/${JOB_NAME}" --deployment
-bundle exec rake spec
+export GEM_HOME="/home/jenkins/bundles/${JOB_NAME}"
+mkdir -p "${GEM_HOME}"
+bundle install && bundle exec rake spec

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