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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Settings><!--This file was automatically generated by Ruby plugin.
You are allowed to:
1. Remove rake task
2. Add existing rake tasks
To add existing rake tasks automatically delete this file and reload the project.
--><RakeGroup description="" fullCmd="" taksId="rake"><RakeTask description="Build geogov-0.0.2.gem into the pkg directory" fullCmd="build" taksId="build" /><RakeTask description="Build and install geogov-0.0.2.gem into system gems" fullCmd="install" taksId="install" /><RakeTask description="Create tag v0.0.2 and build and push geogov-0.0.2.gem to Rubygems" fullCmd="release" taksId="release" /><RakeTask description="Run tests for test_units" fullCmd="test_units" taksId="test_units" /><RakeTask description="" fullCmd="default" taksId="default" /></RakeGroup></Settings>