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Exploring and visualising data pulled from the Performance Platform
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What is it

Limelight is the app serving the 'new' frontend of the performance platform. (The GOV.UK dashboard is still served from It gets data from the backdrop api ( and converts it into dashboards and visualisations using backbone and d3.js.

Starting Limelight with stub data

To run limelight using stubbed data instead of the backend, set the environment variable USE_STUB_API to true when you run the application and provide the BACKDROP_PORT unless you are running on port 80. To register stubs, add them to the backdrop controller.

Using bowler:

USE_STUB_API=true BACKDROP_PORT=3040 bowl limelight

Using rails:

USE_STUB_API=true BACKDROP_PORT=3000 rails s

If you use the latter you will need to set up slimmer yourself or specify STATIC_DEV.


To run all tests:

bundle exec rake test:all

To run the feature tests:

  • Passing tests: bundle exec rake cucumber:ok
  • Work in progress: bundle exec rake cucumber:wip

To run Javascript tests:

  • In the browser: bundle exec rake jasmine
  • In CI: bundle exec rake jasmine:phantomjs:ci
  • With code coverage: bundle exec rake jasmine:blanketjs

To run Javascript style checks:

bundle exec rake jshint

Cucumber tests through Selenium:

Download Selenium Server (2.33.0 seems to work nicely). Run it on the host (physical or vm) with the browser under test with:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar

Run the tests:

  • BROWSER_NAME: eg. firefox, ie, chrome, safari
  • DRIVER_HOST: The IP address of the host running the selenium server.
  • APP_HOST: The host name where the app server is already running.
  • APP_HOST_IP: The IP address where the app server will be run.

Use either APP_HOST or APP_HOST_IP.

APP_HOST_IP= BROWSER_NAME=firefox DRIVER_HOST= bundle exec cucumber -p selenium

Cucumber tests through Sauce:

Register with Saucelabs and download their Sauce Connect tool. Run it locally with

java -jar Sauce-Connect.jar <sauce-user> <sauce-key>

Run the tests:

bundle exec rake sauce:cucumber SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=<sauce-user> SAUCE_USERNAME=<sauce-key> APP_HOST='' RUN_SERVER=true
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