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This project and the packages it produced are being deprecated.

If you work at GDS, please see the opsmanual page on Debian Packaging for more information.

GDS apt repository

This collection of scripts will handle the building and uploading of packages for the GDS apt repository, which is hosted on S3.

Extra files

You will need these files which, for obvious reasons, are not included in the repository:

  • privkey.asc – repository signing private key
  • gds.asc – repository public key
  • s3cfg-gds – configuration for s3cmd

Note, you will need to import the private key with

gpg --import privkey.asc

Building a package

Run the appropriate script.

Fetching existing files


In order to build the repository, you need a local copy of all debs in debs/. This script downloads existing debs from S3, without overwriting any files already held locally. Note that the package file must contain the package name, the version number and the architecture to be included.

Build the repository


Builds a new signed repository structure in repo/.

Upload changes


Synchronises the repository up to the S3 bucket.