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Reword the widget titles after feedback from William Reddin

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issyl0 committed Mar 18, 2014
1 parent 3c5491c commit f3998c27ae00c86c2dbbe50d1b98dd676ca24dca
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@@ -2,11 +2,11 @@
<div class="gridster">
<li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="2" data-sizey="2">
- <div data-id="orgs_todo" data-view="Number" data-title="Pre-Transition Agencies" data-moreinfo="orgs"></div>
+ <div data-id="orgs_todo" data-view="Number" data-title="Agencies still to move to GOV.UK" data-moreinfo="orgs"></div>
<li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="2" data-sizey="2">
- <div data-id="orgs_done" data-view="Number" data-title="Post-Transition Agencies" data-moreinfo="orgs"></div>
+ <div data-id="orgs_done" data-view="Number" data-title="Agencies moved to GOV.UK" data-moreinfo="orgs"></div>

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