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set logging file stackFolly-gdb-output.txt
set logging overwrite on
set logging on
disas main
disas read
break *read+45
break *main+26
break *main+34
echo \n# Let's see what we got from fgets for song\n
print data
echo \nLooks good. Here's some more stack content practice. $esp is:\n
print $esp
echo \nDumping 22 words in the stack frame:\n
x/22wx $esp
echo \nNotice the stack top is the address of data we passed to fgets(). It matches:\n
print &data
echo \nBottom of stack frame is return into main. Also makes sense:\n
info symbol * (int *) ($esp + 84)
echo \nSong looking great so far:\n
print song
echo \nNow band looks ok:\n
print band
echo \nBut song has been overwritten:\n
print song
echo \nSome of our old data is still there:\n
p (char [64]) *song
echo \nThey point to the same spot:\n
x/1wx &song
x/1wx &band
echo \nWe're screwed.\n