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GUI tool for monitoring and managing Cassandra clusters

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Casserole is a GUI tool for managing and monitoring Cassandra clusters. It is written in Java and forms generated by JFormDesigner (not needed to run).


Assume Apache License, Vesion 2.0 for now.


compile with ant build

build everything with ant dist


There are several ways you can run Casserole

  1. ant build dist and double-click on dist/cassandra-casserole.jar.
  2. ant run
  3. If you're a masochist, the main class is casserole.Main.

If you're interested in hosting a webstart version on your server, there is a jnlp file included in the project root. It works for me and is probably a good place for you to start if you are interested in deploying casserole that way.


  1. Casserole assumes every node in your cluster uses the same JMX port. If this isn't the case, you should think about bending casserole.JmxPortResolver to do your bidding, and use the JVM arg "-Dfutzjmx".
  2. I've used JFormDesigner (not free) to create the UI. The runtime is redistributable though (see license/jgoogies-license.txt).

Pitch In!

This tool currently sucks. There are plenty of improvements to be made. Please feel free to scratch your own itch or tackle something in TODO.txt and then send me a pull request.

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