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I wrote jardig some time in 2004 to help me find the locations of some runtime class dependencies in an application I was working on. It scans through directories, jars and zips looking for the class you specify.


ant jar


'ant run' or 'java -jar jardig.jar'


The Help button in the upper right corner produced a useful message.

  • Enter the name of the class you are looking for in the Class Name: field.
  • Then check your Options.
    • Recurse Directories tells the digger to exhaustively search subdirectories.
    • Recurse Archives tells the digger to digger to dig into archives nested inside of other archives (for example: .ear and .war).
    • Summarize at end is useful if you have Log INFO turned on. It prints a succint summary of the results after scanning is finished.
    • Log INFO turns on rich messages. You will be notified every time a directory is entered or a file is scanned.
    • Log ERROR logs error conditions.
    • Log EXCEPTION logs exceptions.
    • Log FIND logs class name matches. You must have this or Summarize at end turned on in order to find out the results of your scan.
    • Log NEST enables additional output when recursively scanning archives within other archives.
  • Drag the directories you wish to scan into the Directories to scan list. If you wish to remove a directory, select it and press delete (or backspace).
  • Click the Go! button.
  • You should see output (as much as you opted for) in the Scan log page on the bottom. To clear the output pane, triple-click it.


scans jars for class



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