Drag and drop SPARQL queries and data ingestion for virtuoso and soon other SPARQL endpoints
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Semantics Toolkit. Auto-SPARQL-query generation. Drag-and-drop ingestion.

Try out the web apps at: semtk.research.ge.com.

Full info is in the wiki

Building semtk from source

The complexities of setting up a build environment and resolving dependencies while compiling the code have been removed by using a "depend-on-docker" approach, where the only dependency or requirement for the successful build of the project is having a (Docker)[https://www.docker.com] installation. To compile the source code, simply install (Docker)[https://www.docker.com/get-docker] and run the compile.sh script:


All sources will be compiled and the jar files will be saved in the "target" folder of each service as well as deployed to the local Maven repository.

Running semtk

Semantics Toolkit services can be run natively on the host or started within Docker containers.

Run using Java

To run all semtk services on the host using Java, execute:


Run using Docker

If Docker is available, all services can be run in containers. Container lifecycles in this project are managed by the ./compose.sh script. Before containers can be started, the container images need to be built:

./compose.sh build

then simply bring up the services using the same compose.sh script. This script uses docker-compose, which actually runs in Docker.

./compose.sh up -d

Show running containers

./compose.sh ps

Show an aggregated log for all micro-services

./compose.sh logs -f 
Show logs for a particular service
./compose.sh logs -f <service-name>

where service name is the nameo of the service (example semtk-nodegroup-store)

Get a shell into a running container

./compose.sh exec <service_name> bash

Stop all services

./compose.sh down

See other available commands

./compose.sh --help