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OptaConf — the optimal conference planner

Project setup for IntelliJ IDEA

For IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition:

  1. Open the pom.xml as a new project in IntelliJ

  2. Download and unzip WildFly 9.0.1.Final

  3. In IntelliJ, add a JBoss app server run configuration for that WildFly installation and a deployment for the exploded war

  4. In IntelliJ, go to Project structure, menu item Artifacts and suffix exploded war’s output directory with -exploded.war

  5. Run the WildFly run configuration

If you have IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition:

  1. Run wildfly-9.0.1.Final/bin/ with Java 8+

  2. Run mvn wildfly:deploy from within the optaconf-webapp directory

Project setup for Eclipse

  1. Install JBoss Tools

  2. In Eclipse, Import the project as a Maven project

  3. In Eclipse, Use File > New Server, choose WildFly 9.x and you can use "Download and install" to get WildFly 9

  4. In Eclipse, Drag the webapp project to the WildFly server

  5. In Eclipse, Run WildFly

Rest URLs

Import a schedule:

General lists:

GUI map:

Filtered lists:

Solve a conference schedule

Development methodology

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