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End of APRSdroid Development

ge0rg edited this page Apr 2, 2011 · 1 revision

This page exists solely for archival reasons. Please do not take it too seriously

Due to repeated and massive negative feedback from the Amateur Radio community (“Your app means the end for the HAM radio spirit!”, “Non-amateurs will flood the APRS-IS network”, “Add this utterly important feature now, OR ELSE!”, “But I have no data plan!”), the author sees no further sense in continuing the work on APRSdroid. There has been no significant development since the start of the year; now is the time to admit the death of APRSdroid.

Binary distribution has stopped, if somebody is interested they can get the source and compile for themselves. However, read this well meant advice first.

Please don’t contact the author with any issues regarding this project.
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