Reporting Bugs

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How to best report APRSdroid bugs

If you encounter a problem with APRSdroid, we will do our best to fix it. However, to be able to do so we will need some information from you.

Please provide the following when you create a new issue in the bug tracker.

Describe the Situation

  • What did you want to accomplish?
  • What were the exact steps you performed?
  • What was the expected outcome?
  • What happened instead?
  • What APRSdroid configuration were you using (SmartBeaconing/Periodic/..., TCP/Bluetooth/AFSK/...)?

Please also check if the GPS status icon appears, blinks and lights up permanently when APRSdroid should be sending position reports.

Provide a LogCat

Android devices have an internal buffer storing program debug messages. Please provide the content of this buffer when the problem happened.

Warning: starting with Android 4.1, root permissions are required to obtain a logcat.

Recommended: CatLog

The best way to achieve this is the CatLog app.

  1. Launch CatLog
  2. Press "Menu" / "Record", then "Ok" to start a background logcat recorder
  3. Do whatever is needed to reproduce the application crash / bug
  4. Tap on the "Log recording in progress" notification to stop the recorder
  5. Send the log file from catlog/saved_logs on your SD card via e-mail or append it to a GitHub bug report


If permanent recording is not possible, you have to resort to other means.

Normally, the phone's buffer is limited, so you need to get the content of the logcat buffer immediately after you encountered the problem.

There are several ways to extract the logcat:

Please check that the log does not contain any personal information, and upload it to the ticket you create.

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