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Samsung NX Smart Camera Hacks

This project is rather dormant since 2015, and wouldn't mind getting an interested and committed new maintainer.

This is a collection of scripts, hacks and knowledge for the Linux-based Samsung NX camera models. This project is work-in-progess, aimed at power users who have no fear of formatting their SD card, upgrading and downgrading firmware etc.

This information is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. The authors take no responsibility for deleting your baby photographs, bricking your expensive camera or making demons fly out of your nose.

Device Support

Model CPU Linux Firmware Remarks / Scripting
Galaxy NX DRIMeIV Android + DRIMeIV dual-CPU, with stripped down Debian on the DRIMeIV
NX5 / NX10 / NX11 DRIMeII 15.5MB Paths in firmware hint to the µITRON project
NX100 DRIMeII 28.5MB Paths in firmware hint to the µITRON project
NX20 / NX200 / NX210 DRIMeIII ~73-102MB VXWorks copyright in firmware
NX1000 / NX1100 DRIMeIII ~102MB VXWorks copyright in firmware, CPU is labeled "S1219 ARM N4AK9C"
NX300 DRIMeIV ~324MB working, based on Tizen 1.0
NX2000 DRIMeIV ~329MB working, as reported by ostkind
NX300M DRIMeIV ~316MB downgrade to 1.10 required
NX30 DRIMeIV ~329MB script execution and telnted working
NX3000 / NX3300 M7MU ~129MB Fujitsu M7MU (Milbeaut MB86S22A), not running Linux
NX mini M7MU ~129MB Fujitsu M7MU, not running Linux
Galaxy K Zoom M7MU ~6MB Android + Fujitsu M7MU, not running Linux on the M7MU
NX1 / NX500 DRIMeV ~335MB working through Samsung NX1 and NX500 project

Further Reading

This collection is based on the following articles:

NX300 firmware extensions and compilation:

Software projects not specific to the NX300:

Hardware hacks:


Firmware Hacks for the Linux-based Samsung NX mirrorless camera models (NX300, NX2000, ???)






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