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2009-05-07 Dominic Hopf <>
* install ttyhelper and to /usr/lib/geany/
patch by Chow Loong Jin, thanks!
2009-05-04 Dominic Hopf <>
* search for a globally installed tty helper in $PREFIX/$LIBDIR/geany/,
and fall back to the users config dir if not found. this fixes problems when
the plugin is installed to ~/.config/geany/plugins/.
* rename configuration directory for this plugin from "debugger" to "geanygdb",
GeanyGDB will try to automatically rename ~/.config/geany/plugins/debugger/
to ~/.config/geany/plugins/geanygdb/.
You are recommended to backup this directory.
2009-05-02 Dominic Hopf <>
* fix a crash when trying to delete breakpoints or watchpoints without
selecting one - thanks to eht16 for the patch
2009-05-01 Dominic Hopf <>
* fix Geany version dependency in
* rewrite Documentation (README and INSTALL) with ReST
2009-04-18 Dominic Hopf <>
* version bump to 0.0.2
* this maintenance release will be compatible with Geany 0.16
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