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2009-10-11 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Backport a fix of trunk to also replace capital German Umlauts.
2009-05-25 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Some more clean up of code.
* Update of documentation for 0.4 release.
2009-05-21 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Added configuration dialog.
2009-05-19 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Make toolbar document sensitive.
2009-05-17 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Adding some more items to toolbar for centerin, left and right formatted
text. Created LaTeX code based on needs still some improvement. Please
use with care.
2009-05-15 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Adding a toolbar for common LaTeX format topics.
2009-04-17 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Set undo points for better redo/undo on inserting formatings.
* Make reference type inside insert reference dialog accessible by
2009-04-12 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Added some new lines into latex beamer template.
2009-04-10 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Sort entries on insert reference dialog by alphabet.
2009-03-30 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Moved replacement functions into their own submenu.
* Added key bindings for formatting text with bold, italic and typewriter
font face.
2009-03-28 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Use a text field with pull down instead of a normal combo box for
font size at LaTeX wizard.
2009-03-27 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geanylatex.tex: Added documentation written in LaTeX.
2009-03-20 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Replace \u-UTF-8 letters by octal coded chars. Huge thanks to
Dominic Hopf for providing patch and fighting that fight.
* Added a menu entry for bulk replace function and fixed a segfault at
2009-03-15 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Added a function to bulk replace special characters
inside marked text by keybinding
2009-03-13 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Don't offer insert environment dialog in case of no document is open.
2009-03-06 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Insert environment now supports selections by position \begin{} and
\end{} around
2009-02-28 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Don't react on some keybindings in case of no document is open.
* Added a feature for easy inserting environments to document.
* Added keybinding to insert \item into document. Very useful at
e.g. writing lists
2009-02-18 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Formating of selected text
* Added feature to replace special characters at input with LaTeX
2009-02-15 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Added a menu entry for easy formating of text
2009-02-15 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Release of GeanyLaTeX 0.3
2009-02-14 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Added a keyboard shortcut for inserting a new line ( \\ ).
* Make cursor placed behind inserted text for most cases.
(Inserting BibTeX entries will not reset the cursor)
2009-01-19 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Improved reference dialog to offer labels based on aux file
2008-11-17 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Added a submenu supporting inserting bibtex entries
2008-11-14 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Applied a patch by Enrico which corrects some spelling
mistakes and cleans up code a bit.
2008-11-02 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Make usage of Geany API v104 by using of Geany's plugin init
locale function.
2008-10-29 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* GeanyLaTeX 0.2 release
2008-10-14 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Updated to Geany Plugin API v100 (add_document_sensitive())
2008-09-01 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* src/geanylatex.c: Added support for l10n.
2008-09-01 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Ported build system of spellcheck plugin.
2008-07-15 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Make plugin work together with Geany plugin API v78.
2008-07-11 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Make plugin compile with Geany svn r2767.
2008-06-26 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Update of used plugin API to v71.
2008-06-17 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
Fix build using ( was not created).
* latexencodings.h:
Fix multiple definition of latex_encodings array.
2008-06-17 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* Moved plugin to geany-plugin svn.
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