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2010-03-22 Thomas Martitz <>
* src/gdb-io-run.c: Fix the general geany slowness that geanygdb causes once a binary is loaded.
2010-03-15 Thomas Martitz <>
* src/gdb-io-run.c, src/gdb-ui-break.c: Run gdb with LANG=C to avoid
locale-related clashes when parsing the gdb output for the localized version
break- and watchpoints
2010-03-01 Dominic Hopf <>
* src/gdb-io-run.c, src/gdb-io-read.c: Improve the way a running process gets
killed (thanks Thomas Martitz)
2010-01-16 Dominic Hopf <>
* src/gdb-ui-main.c, src/gdb-ui.h, src/geanygdb.c:
Add a menu entry for GeanyGDB, add possibility to set keyboard shortcuts, add
page in the bottom toolbar which in the future may be used to display the
stack and local variables or watches. This changes were all made by Radu
Stefan, thanks very much.
2010-01-04 Dominic Hopf <>
* src/geanygdb.c, src/gdb-ui-frame.c, src/gdb-ui-locn.c, src/gdb-io-run.c,
src/gdb-io-stack.c, src/gdb-io-read.c, src/gdb-ui.h, src/gdb-io-envir.c,
src/gdb-io-break.c, src/gdb-ui-envir.c, src/gdb-ui-main.c,
src/gdb-ui-break.c, src/gdb-io-frame.c: Update sources to use more current
plugin API functions and fix a widget-not-found-warning.
2010-01-02 Dominic Hopf <>
* Any file: Update copyright information.
2009-12-13 Dominic Hopf <>
* geanydebug.c, geanygdb.c, Finally fix any remaining naming
issues, GeanyGDB will show up as "GeanyGDB" now in the plugin manager.
* INSTALL, README: Remove installation instructions and add hint for
Geany-Plugins instead, update wording and notation for GeanyGDB.
2009-10-27 Dominic Hopf <>
* TODO: Add a TODO file, to note some things to get done for next releases.
2009-10-18 Dominic Hopf <>
* AUTHORS: Add Dominic Hopf to the AUTHORS.
2009-09-02 Dominic Hopf <>
* src/gdb-ui-main.c: Fix an issue with button labels, where some localizations
may caused a stack overflow, remember the last targetpath.
2009-05-07 Dominic Hopf <>
* Install ttyhelper and to /usr/lib/geany/,
patch by Chow Loong Jin, thanks!
2009-05-04 Dominic Hopf <>
* search for a globally installed tty helper in $PREFIX/$LIBDIR/geany/,
and fall back to the users config dir if not found. this fixes problems when
the plugin is installed to ~/.config/geany/plugins/.
*, README: Be consistent with naming issues, name of this plugin
is GeanyGDB, unix name is geanygdb.
* src/geanydebug.c, src/, INSTALL: Rename configuration directory
for this plugin from "debugger" to "geanygdb", GeanyGDB will try t
automatically rename ~/.config/geany/plugins/debugger/ to
~/.config/geany/plugins/geanygdb/. You are recommended to backup this
2009-05-02 Dominic Hopf <>
* src/gdb-ui-break.c: Fix a crash when trying to delete breakpoints or
watchpoints without selecting one. (thanks to eht16)
2009-05-01 Dominic Hopf <>
* Fix Geany version dependency
2009-04-18 Dominic Hopf <>
* INSTALL: Add installation instructions for GeanyGDB.
* README: Remove hint to conflicts with geanylua since there is geanylua 0.7.0
(at least in svn) where this issue should have been fixed.
* src/geanydebug.c: Remove version definition since it is defined by autotools
or waf.
* Version bump to 0.0.2.
* this maintenance release will be compatible with Geany 0.16
* README, INSTALL: Rewrite Documentation in ReST.
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