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- panel buttons status change only after loading target file
- markers dissapear after refreshing a file (in other encoding for example)
- markers are not restored aftre refresh as CODEPAGE action
- debug callbacks names (refactoring)
- gdb backend step speed
- windows support
- attach functionality: dbm_ methods providing target lists, common dialog
- interrupt thread using stack window
- step back
- margin context menu
- editor context menu (add watch, add/remove breakpoint)
- refresh tooltip when stopping after step/run is tooltip is active
- font from the geany settings for a message window
- use left/right keys to collapse/expand in breakpoints tree
- use lexer to lookup for a symbol under cursor when presenting a tooltip
- a button in the upper right path of a right notebook for a hiding/showing button panel
- minimum width of the debug panel notebooks
- tree views column width/autowidth
- custom tooltip on breaks and stack trace windows with code snippet around break or frame
- custom tooltip(in an editor in debug mode) with sticking facilities
- don't hide a tooltip until run hasn't happent, move it if document is being scrolled
- android support
- bashdb support
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