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* Improving inserting \usepackge{}-function
* recognize other \usepackage{} entries
* Give a couple of examples
* Extending insert environment section
* More common examples
* Parsing document for already used ones
* Improving support for bibTeX
* Parsing of *.bib
* Wizard:
* Adding support for diff. letter classes
* Adding a way setting variables/values for wizard inside custom
* Cleaning up the mess with KOMA/non KOMA classes
* Replacing & by \& inside title and author on wizard screen as most
likely user is not inserting any tabular there
* Replacing of environments
* Parsing document for »TOC«
* Navigation throught document
* Code examples for very common problems
* Make special characters extensible through files
* Improve behaviour of levelup and leveldown of structures
* Adding a font size chooser to toolbar
* Adding support for dtx
* Cleaning up code
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