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Important note! If you are upgrading from an older installation, please note
that the name of the script folder is now changed from /lua/ to /geanylua/ !!!
These installation instructions are written primarily for a Linux system,
followed by some additional notes for MS-Windows users.
If you are installing from the pre-compiled Linux plugin package, you can
just run the "" script, to install the plugin, examples, and help
files into your ~/.geany/plugins directory.
If you want Geany's syntax highlighter to recognize the plugin's function
names you can also modify your "filetypes.lua" file according to the notes
in the "geanylua/keywords.list" file.
For those of you who want to compile the plugin from scratch, keep reading...
At the time of this writing, building the plugin requires a recent SVN checkout
of the Geany sources (r2391+), and a properly installed copy of the Lua 5.1.x
library, headers, and pkg-config script.
Recent versions of Geany will now install all the necessary headers in
$PREFIX/include/geany/ along with a pkg-config script that tells configure
where to find the required files, so the old --with-geany-src option
is no longer required. Building should now be as simple as:
% configure
% make
% make install
The "make install" command copies the files to your personal ~/.geany/plugins/
directory, so you don't need to be root to install. If you actually do want
everyone on the system to be able to access to the same copy of the plugin,
you can add the --enable-sys-install option to the ./configure command line.
To uninstall the plugin, you should be able to simply type "make uninstall"
but be warned - although it will try not to remove any of your own personal
scripts, the folder "geanylua/examples" and all its contents will always be
removed unconditionally, so any scripts in the examples directory WILL BE LOST!
=========================== MS-WINDOWS NOTES ===============================
The pre-compiled GeanyLua package includes a couple of Visual Basic scripts
that I hope will simplify installation for most users. The scripts require a
recent version of Geany (SVN-r2151 or newer) and the Windows VBS scripting
engine. ( If you have at least Internet Explorer 5.0, you probably have VBS.)
To install geanylua using the script, just double-click the "win32-install.vbs"
file and if you don't see any error messages, you should be all set up.
( Be sure to exit any running instance of Geany before installing! )
If something goes wrong, you can try installing manually, as follows...
To install the pre-compiled plugin on Windows, you can copy the "geanylua.dll"
file to the "plugins" folder in the same place where Geany is installed, that
would probably be "C:\Program Files\Geany\plugins\geanylua.dll" or somewhere
like that.
The exact location where Geany will look for the Lua script files depends on
your Windows version, your Geany version, and possibly even your environment.
For user "jane" it could be any one of these:
Prior to Geany-SVN-2139, the paths would look something like this:
Win2k: C:\Documents and Settings\jane\.geany\plugins\geanylua\
Win98: C:\.geany\plugins\geanylua\
MinGW: C:\msys\1.0\home\jane\.geany\plugins\geanylua\
As of Geany-SVN-2139, the configuration paths should be more like this:
Win2k: C:\Documents and Settings\jane\Application Data\Geanyplugins\geanylua\
Win98: C:\Windows\Profiles\jane\Application Data\Geany\plugins\geanylua\
MinGW: Geany's config path now ignores the $HOME environment variable.
Just in case you aren't confused yet, anonymous users on Win98 may need to
place the files in "C:\Windows\Application Data\Geany\plugins\geanylua\"
If you want to compile the plugin from the sources on MS-Windows, you will
need a fairly complete MSYS/MINGW/GTK build system, along with a properly built
and installed "liblua.a" library, and the Lua headers. ( The "Win32_mingw3_lib"
package from worked fine for me. )
You also need a copy of the file "lua.pc" from the Lua sources somewhere in
your $PKG_CONFIG_PATH. The libtool I used complains about missing symbols and
refuses to build the DLL, so you may need to explicitly type "make win32"
in order to produce the ".libs/geanylua.dll" file.
The "make install" target is badly broken for Windows, so you will probably
want to run the "win32-install.vbs" script, or copy the files manually
to their required locations, as described above.
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