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Plugin enables debugging in Geany.
Currently supports GDB only, but was developed with multiple debuggers support in mind,
so the other backends support is planned as well.
* Debugger panel
* Setting target, environment variables and command line arguments
* Breakpoints
* Watches, autos
* Debug terminal
* Debugger messages window
* Threads and stack info
* Switching frames in the stack trace window
* Variables calltips while debugging
* Saving debug session data in a Geany project (can be switched through settings)
* Double or single panel modes
* Hotkeys
Debugger panel behaves in a way similar to other IDE, so an experienced user won't have problems using it.
Panel space can be divided into two notebooks by pressing a button on the right of a panel.
Debug control buttons also reside on the right end of a panel as well as plugin settings dialog button.
A user can also control debug process using hotkeys that are configurable through Geany hotkeys dialog.
When exploring children of a watch or an auto variable user can double click any of them to create a distinct
watch item containing the corresponding expression.
* Geany >= 0.21
* GTK 2
Contact developers
Alexander Petukhov <devel(at)apetukhov(dot)ru>
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