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GeansSendMail 0.4.4 (21.04.2010 - maintenance release)
* Execute send email dialog by hitting simple return on email adress
* Minor update of waf build system
* Last stand alone release
GeanySendMail 0.4.3 (05.01.2010 - maintenance release)
* Use waf instead of autotools
* Update to Geany plugin API 147
GeanySendMail 0.4.2 (26. May 2009):
* Added cancel button to recipient's address dialog
* Some minor code cleanup
GeanySendMail 0.4.1 (16. February 2009):
* Update to Geany pugin API v116
* Minor improvments on wording and cleanup of code
GeanySendMail 0.4 (22. October 2008):
* Adding support for creating a mail with recipients email
(Basic Patch by Timothy Boronczyk)
* Added placeholder for file's basename (Idea by Timothy Boronczyk)
* Added build support for Windows (not very well tested)
* Updates at translation, documentation and buildsystem
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