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Code navigation
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This plugin adds some facilities for navigating in code files.
* Switch between header and implementation
* Go to a file by typing its name
After installed successfully, load the plugin in Geany's plugin manager
and new menu items in the Edit menu will appear. You can
change the keyboard shortcuts in Geany's preferences dialog.
*Switch header/implementation*
This feature allows you to switch between implementation and header code
(e.g. between 'c' and 'h' files) using defined shortcut or by click on
menu item. You can edit the extensions association via preferences in
Geany's plugin manager.
*Go to File*
You can open a file in current document directory typing its name. You
can also enter an absolute or relative path to a file.
* GTK >= 2.8.0
Contact developers
Federico Reghenzani <federico(dot)dev(at)reghe(dot)net>