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14-06-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* fixed reverse children order in watch/autos
08-04-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* fixed a bug with wrong error message when a breakpoint condition/hitscounr can't be set
* fixed a bug when gdb exits without a stop reason
07-04-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* fixed a bug with calltips still being shown when a pointer leaves editor window
04-04-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* fixing exiting with code case that was unhandled and caused SIGSEGV (gdb)
* set current directory to executable's one (gdb)
* handling spaces in target and breakpoints filenames (gdb)
* fixing memory leaks on gtk_tree_row_reference_get_path and tree/list stores
* fixing SIGSEGV when selecting a cell in custom cell renderers using a keyboard
* fixing lack of breakpoint/stack frame markers after plugin unload and load
* fixing "jump to current instruction" behaviour (does not change an active frame)
10-03-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* switching between frames by clicking a frame arrow in the stack window
18-02-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* threads info added to the stack window
10-02-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* file paths in stack and breaks are truncated to file names, full paths are shown in the tooltips
09-02-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* switch break in the break window through clicking a break icon, all breaks for a file - by a file checkbox(moved to the left)
08-02-2012 Alexander Petukhov <>
* fixed a bug: double clicking on a row in watches and autos sometimes caused crash because of wrong args list governor
15-10-2011 Alexander Petukhov <>
* first release