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2010-08-17 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* docs/manual.rst, docs/manual.html:
Add license information in the manual.
* docs/manual.css:
Add a style definition for blockquotes in the manual stylesheet.
* docs/manual.rst, docs/manual.html:
Move "User interface in Geany" part on the top of the manual. This part is
probably the first new users would look at, then move it to the top.
* docs/manual.rst, docs/manual.html:
Add a small sentence in the introduction to guide the user in her read.
Update, add HACKING.
* ../build/geanygendoc.m4, -> README:
Don't pre-process README anymore. It isn't needed anymore since the version
number was removed, and this version number was wrong anyway since the the
plugin is part of Geany-plugins.
2010-06-14 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-plugin.h:
Post-release version bump.
* src/ggd.c:
Update a string.
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c:
Use Geany's symbols_get_context_separator() and not a copied version since
it is now exported to the plugin API since 185.
* src/ggd-widget-doctype-selector.c:
Add a popup menu.
2010-06-12 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c:
Fix finding of tag's children. Pretty hackish fix but it now works even if
there is two top-level tags sharing the same name.
Update NEWS file.
* src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h:
Use non-Geany-Plugin version.
2010-06-04 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd.c:
Fix crash when trying to generate documentation for a document with
doc->tm_file == NULL, which is the case e.g. for None file type.
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c:
Fix finding the parent of a tag if this parent have the same name and
scope than another tag in the document.
2010-06-03 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
2010-05-27 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* docs/, docs/help/ -> docs/,
docs/help/html4css1.css -> docs/html4css1.css,
docs/help/manual.css -> docs/manual.css,
docs/help/manual.html -> docs/manual.html,
docs/help/manual.rst -> docs/manual.rst, src/ggd-plugin.c:
Move the manual sources from docs/help to docs since the sub-directory
is useless and led to some confusion.
Install the HTML version of the manual in DOCDIR/html rather than
2010-05-26 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* data/filetypes/c.conf:
Fix "brief" Doxygen tag in C configuration.
2010-05-23 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
*, data/filetypes/, src/ggd-utils.c:
Temporary hackish fix for data installation.
* docs/help/, docs/help/manual.html:
Add the generated HTML manual under VCS for the users not to need
* docs/help/
Install plain-text manual together with the HTML version.
* data/filetypes/, src/ggd-utils.c:
Make use of the brand new PKGDATADIR.
* src/ggd-utils.c:
Don't unnecessarily prefix the paths with the directory separator since
they already are absolute and it brakes them on Windows (\C:\...).
* src/ggd-utils.c:
Fix error reporting in ggd_get_config_file(). Don't report an error in
the GError if there is actually no error, which may lead the caller not
to handle this correctly, or to corrupt its other uses of the passed
* src/
Set the G_LOG_DOMAIN constant to make the log message of the plugin
easily identifiable from those of Geany or other plugins.
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Don't report a missing configuration file as a warning. Only print an
information if the configuration file is missing, since it is not a
problem and the file never exists at first start-up.
2010-05-22 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Fix packing of the General frame not to expand unnecessarily, which
would break other expansions.
Add an entry in the TODO-list
* [All]
Import into Geany-Plugins.
2010-05-21 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* docs/help/manual.rst:
Add a new section in the manual that presents and describes the UI
that the plugin adds to Geany.
* src/ggd-file-type-loader.c, src/ggd-file-type-manager.c, src/ggd-options.c,
src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-utils.c, src/ggd-widget-doctype-selector.c,
Strings review
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Open the manual on plugin_help()
* TODO, src/, src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h,
src/ggd-widget-doctype-selector.c, src/ggd-widget-doctype-selector.h:
Support per-filetype documentation type setting. This is useful since
different languages may not share the same doctype (e.g. Java is
likely to use Javadoc, Vala to use Valadoc, etc.).
2010-05-20 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* TODO, src/ggd-plugin.c:
Use an helper function to add menu items
2010-05-11 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-options.c:
Make option saving more robust against corrupted conffile.
Do not fail saving if the original file cannot be loaded, simply
overwrite with the new settings. This fixes configuration saving when
the configuration file does not exist or exists but is corrupted.
2010-05-09 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
Show whether to build documentation on configure summary
* docs/help/manual.rst:
Clarify the manual by saying for what the syntax is used
2010-05-04 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/, src/ggd-plugin.c:
Add a menu item to open the manual
*,,, docs/,
docs/help/, docs/help/html4css1.css, docs/help/manual.css,
Add a manual and install it (and other missing documentation files).
2010-05-01 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd.c:
Don't use a hard-coded list of what can have arguments.
Always generate arguments list if the tag have one.
In the same spirit, always generate the "returns" symbol too even
when it doesn't make sense; simply let the template use it or not.
* src/, src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-widget-frame.c,
Implement and use Glade-style frames.
This makes the UI quite nicer and more consistent with both Geany
and GNOME.
Update TODO list
* data/filetypes/,
Add basic rules for Vala
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h,
Fix tag scope detection for non-c-style languages.
Don't use hard-coded "::" separator but try to find the right
separator for the file type.
* src/ggd.c:
Display a message when no setting applies to a tag.
This eases writing/debugging of rules, and is not that intrusive for
production use.
*, src/ggd-plugin.c:
Decrease plugin API dependency to 171, which should be the actual
version we need and should make the plugin work with Geany 0.18.1.
* src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h, src/ggd.c:
Support for global environment overrides.
Add a global environment to allow overrides and additions to the
filetype-specific environments. This is useful e.g. to set a "insert
since" property that will apply to all filetypes, an this without
modifying filetypes themselves.
* src/
Fix distribution of ggd-macros.h
* src/ggd.c:
Fix crash when documenting symbol with no rules set.
Don't try to access the GgdDocSetting.autodoc_children field if the
setting is NULL (oops).
* src/ggd.c:
Fix support of argument list and return type for methods.
Methods was just forgotten in the list of things that can have
arguments and return type (oops).
2010-04-29 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-doc-setting.c, src/ggd-doc-setting.h, src/ggd-doc-type.c,
src/ggd-doc-type.h, src/ggd-file-type-loader.c, src/ggd-file-type-loader.h,
src/ggd-file-type-manager.c, src/ggd-file-type-manager.h,
src/ggd-file-type.c, src/ggd-file-type.h, src/ggd-macros.h,
src/ggd-options.c, src/ggd-options.h, src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h,
src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h, src/ggd-utils.c, src/ggd-utils.h,
src/ggd.c, src/ggd.h:
Cleanup and fix copyright information:
* Don't use non-ASCII character;
* Don't include nickname in author's name;
* Update some outdated dates;
* Add a short description of the package.
* src/ggd-doc-setting.h, src/ggd-doc-type.h, src/ggd-file-type-loader.h,
src/ggd-file-type-manager.h, src/ggd-file-type.h, src/ggd-macros.h,
src/ggd-options.h, src/ggd-plugin.h, src/ggd-tag-utils.h, src/ggd-utils.h,
Set the "internal" visibility for plugin's symbols. This cleans the
symbol table of the plugin, as well as it might allow the compiler
to do some optimizations.
This is currently only supported when building with GCC >= 4.2. Builds
with other/older compilers will simply keep their default symbol
2010-04-28 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Show the "indent" preference in the plugin's preference dialog.
* src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h, src/ggd.c, src/ggd.h:
Indent the inserted comment according to the insertion position
indentation. This can be disabled by a (currently) hidden "indent"
Also use editor_insert_text_block() in place of sci_insert_text(),
which fixes line endings to be the right ones for the working file.
* src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h:
Plugin options are now available everywhere by including ggd-plugin.h.
Prefix the options with GGD_ since they are now exported.
2010-04-26 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* po/fr.po:
Update French translation
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Add & cleanup some tooltips.
Add tooltips for the tool's menu items;
Cleanup the big tooltip of the save-to-refresh option.
* data/filetypes/c.conf:
Use new auto-generation of children documentation
Use auto-generation of children's documentation for structures, unions
and enumerations in Doxygen format.
* src/ggd-doc-setting.c, src/ggd-doc-setting.h, src/ggd-file-type-loader.c,
src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h, src/ggd.c:
Support automatic documentation of children
Allow a rule to request for automatic generation of its children
documentation. This is useful for fragmented documentation styles
such as Doxygen not to need to manually generate documentation for
each children of i.e. a structure.
2010-04-24 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* data/filetypes/c.conf:
Use new cursor positioning in C filetype configuration
* src/ggd.c:
Add support for the special "cursor" variable in templates, allowing
to explicitly place the cursor in the generated comment.
This variable may appear more than once but currently only the first
occurrence that appears in the output comment is honored.
* data/filetypes/c.conf:
Update C filetype configuration
* Don't document prototypes;
* Fill-in union rule.
* Add support for more types.
* src/ggd.c:
Fix "document all" when there are symbols not to document
The "document all" action was aborting if the setting for any tag
wasn't found rather than when something went actually wrong.
This fixes the action when called on a file that contains symbols
without rules.
2010-04-22 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* TODO, src/ggd-tag-utils.c:
Fix ordering of tag children
Make ggd_tag_find_children() return a sorted list of the tags, in the
order they appears in the source.
This fixes wrong order of some children such as structure members or
enumeration values that were sorted alphabetically.
* src/ggd-doc-setting.c, src/ggd-doc-setting.h, src/ggd-file-type-loader.c,
src/ggd-file-type-loader.h, src/ggd-file-type-manager.c,
src/ggd-file-type.c, src/ggd-options.c, src/ggd-options.h,
src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h, src/ggd-utils.c, src/ggd-utils.h,
Add some code documentation
Update TODO list
* data/filetypes/c.conf:
C configuration: fix match of empty argument list
Cleanly support completely empty argument lists (foo()) used e.g. in
macros with no arguments.
* data/filetypes/c.conf:
Updated default C filetype configuration
* Added template for defines;
* Don't include since tag by default.
Fix installation directory of plugin's data (oops)
Install plugin's data in ${prefix}/geany/plugin/${plugin_name} rather
than ${prefix}/geany/{plugin_name}.
If you already have installed the plugin, simply delete the old
directory. Sorry for this.
2010-04-21 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Make editor's menu action work at the popup position
When inserting documentation by activating the editor's popup menu
item, insert documentation for the popup position rather than for
the cursor's position.
This fixes strange behavior when using editor's popup menu item.
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Make menu items document-sensitive when it makes sense
* po/fr.po:
Update French translation
* src/ggd-plugin.c:
Add the "Document current symbol" item to the plugin's menu too
* src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd.c, src/ggd.h:
Add ability to document a whole file at once
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h:
Add sort direction argument to ggd_tag_sort_by_line()
Provide a way to chose sort direction (ascending or descending) with
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-utils.h:
Move GGD_PTR_ARRAY_FOR() to ggd-utils
2010-04-20 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h:
Make tag find functions take a const array
Tag find functions actually doesn't and shouldn't have to modify the
the given tag list they work on.
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h:
Add ggd_tag_sort_by_line() function that sorts a tag array by tag's
* src/ggd-tag-utils.c:
Improve tag search for a given line
Make ggd_tag_find_from_line() use only a linear search rather than
sorting the tag array and then doing an almost linear search.
Benefits are probable speed improvement (array sorting isn't a cheap
operation) and no more modification of the given tag array.
2010-04-18 Colomban Wendling <ban(at)herbesfolles(dot)org>
* AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL,,, TODO,,, data/, data/filetypes/,
data/filetypes/c.conf, po/LINGUAS, po/, po/fr.po,
src/, src/ggd-doc-setting.c, src/ggd-doc-setting.h,
src/ggd-doc-type.c, src/ggd-doc-type.h, src/ggd-file-type-loader.c,
src/ggd-file-type-loader.h, src/ggd-file-type-manager.c,
src/ggd-file-type-manager.h, src/ggd-file-type.c, src/ggd-file-type.h,
src/ggd-options.c, src/ggd-options.h, src/ggd-plugin.c, src/ggd-plugin.h,
src/ggd-tag-utils.c, src/ggd-tag-utils.h, src/ggd-utils.c, src/ggd-utils.h,
src/ggd.c, src/ggd.h:
Initial commit of the plugin