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(FIXED) CRYTICAL warning when unloading the plugin
"CRITICAL : g_object_ref: assertion `object->ref_count > 0' failed"
(FIXED) Double click on bookmarks, do nothing
(FIXED) show/hide hidden files not working on Windows
(FIXED) "Go Up" not working if the current path ends with slash // thanks to <dmaphy> for the report
* It is impossible to rename file/directory in Windows, dunno why
* It is impossible to delete file/directory in Windows, dunno why
| TODO |
(DONE) codestyle improve to be same as other parts as geany`s
(DONE) configuration dialog
(DONE) tracking path to current focused document (work only for refreshed directories)
* In windows can choice between devices (C:\, D:\,...)
(DONE) Saving state of Showbars in config file everytime where is changed
(DONE) oneclick document opening
(DONE) filter separating ex.: "*.c;*.cpp;*.h"
(DONE) Complete following path from current document view
(DONE) Hide object files as native filebroser (*.o;*.a;*.so;*.dll;*.lib..)
(DONE) Using font from geany settings for sidebar
(REJECTED) Migrating to stash
(DONE) Adding keybindings for renaming/deleting/refreshing
(DONE) Add option to change bars position // requested by <dmaphy>
(DONE) Add option to autorename point the newest created objects by the Treebrowser
| Development release ChangeLog |
08-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Added "Find in Files" option to right click context
(patch by oly, thanks)
23-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fix an issue with tab switching with unsaved documents.
(patch from Frank Lanitz, thanks)
14-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
14-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Try to prevent from potentially frees string literals (reported by kugel)
14-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* One year release (from the idea to working plugin, thanks for all for the support)
* src/treebrowser.c
Completed file tracking functionality, now tracking and files that are not in the cached directories
This is the last TODO point from the started idea. Today is it exactly one from the first release.
Make default terminal for Windows always be "cmd"
Fixed directory separator for when chrooting be G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S not always "/"
12-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
When Windows detected, it is creating config file (if it needen) with Explorer for external viewer
10-02-2011 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Added function to close directory childrens (patch by Oliver Marks (#3175562), thanks)
Replaced TreeBrowser`s hidden file check with the native filebrowser check (thanks to geany`s team),
this may be fixing the bug #3157070 (Treebrowser plugin crashes Geany with files ending in ~)
14-12-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed nighty compilation error (reported by Enrico Tröger)
10-12-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* ChangeLog
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code (in check_hidden())
Fixed warning: 'return' with no value, in function returning non-void (in treebrowser_checkdir())
Fixed compilation warning with strlen()
Description changed (taken from ubuntu`s repos)
10-12-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
Bumped version 0.20
Now will following the version number of geany
09-12-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed wrong colors in addressbar when last directory wasn`t existing,
but then chrooting.
"Right click" menu rearanged to looks more logically
01-11-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Added dialog question when creating/removing file, to prevent from losing
target files if they exists.
01-11-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* ChangeLog
Revision 1688, Modified Thu Oct 28 21:02:33 2010 UTC by colombanw
Build system: don't force building the Treebrowser plugin
If the dependencies of the Treebrowser plugin are not met, simply
disable the plugin rather than abort the whole build.
Also add checks for creat(), sys/types.h, sys/stat.h and fcntl.h, and
fix the check for GIO to correctly handle the case it's not available.
25-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed wrong expaned status of the directories
17-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed order of includes with gio.h
(Patch by Enrico Troger)
17-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed memory leaks
(Patch by Colomban Wendling)
Fixed missing GIcon compilation error in gtk versions before 2.14
Fixed some compilation warnings on unused variables
Fixed translation string _("Empty") to be _("(Empty)")
17-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Refactor a bit check_hidden() not to leak memory
(Patch by Colomban Wendling)
16-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed gio troubles (BIG THANKS TO Colomban Wendling)
16-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed unref data in utils_pixbuf_from_path()
Changed default icon for bookmarks to GTK_STOCK_HOME
16-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Added new option to show mime-type icons (can be configured by the preferences)
(Idea from Colomban Wendling`s mail)
09-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed possible segfault when deleting file which is in bookmarks tree
Fixed wrong Show toolbars state when it turned off from the plugin configuration
Fixed collapsing and preloading bookmarks list when renaming, and deleting objects
Try to add screenshot for the website
09-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixes possible segfaults with bookmarks in ubuntu 10.10
Update and fixes website compitables
09-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed translatable info
(thanks to Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de> for patch)
Fixed fixed bad code and compilation warning in unused vars
(thanks to Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de> for patch)
Fixed some compilation warnings
Try to prevent from "ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code" compile message
08-10-2010 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* src/treebrowser.c
Replace deprecated PLUGIN_KEY_GROUP macro.
08-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Added keybindings for renaming/deleting/refreshing
(from the todo list)
Added: now when option for show hidden files is disabled, it don`t show
files that ends with '~'
Fixed possible segfault when option "Hidding object files" is enabled
(idea from native filebrowser plugin)
05-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed wrong english message for not existing directory
(thanks to Dimitar Zhekov (
Added option to autorename point the newest created objects by the Treebrowser
Improved autorename focus while renamed is successful then close old and
open new file;
Improved dialog for nonexisting folder
(now apear only when toolbars is hidden)
Fixed some warnings when compiling
Fixed gtk_tree_store_iter_is_valid() warning when loading the plugin
03-10-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed bugs in Bookmarks
(directory expander, renaming and deleting files/directories)
Fixed bug with empty path to chroot
Fixed showing wrong tooltips in settings dialog
Merged show_bars and show_bars_at_top in one combobox
(I think that this is more suitable)
Fixed bug in show/hide toolbar
Removed option for change how deep directories will be scanned
(I think that this is unusable and in some cases make geany to freezy)
Removed option "ON_EXPAND_REFRESH" - This is unnessecary already
19-08-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Applied patch from Colomban Wendling
to fix issue with creat() declaration
16-05-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Fixed Bookmarks state when refreshing the tree
25-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Added option to change bars position (Top or Bottom)
25-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
Menu elements are inactive instands of hidden
Added experimental bookmarks view
Added option to show/hide tree lines
Added option to copy the uri into clipboard
Added option to search into the view by the name // thanks to native filebrowser
Added tooltips with uri // thanks to native filebrowser
Added option to open terminal
Applied patch from Enrico to fix gtk+-2.8 compitable for tree lines
Fixed "Go Up" not working if the current path ends with slash
19-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
added clear icon in filter // thanks to native filebrowser plugin
using font from geany settings for sidebar // thanks to native filebrowser plugin
17-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
added option to hide object files *.so;*.obj;*.so;*.dll;*.a;*.lib
fixed a few warnings
14-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
strings cleanup
(This is version 0.2, because the plugin become 2 months old :)
11-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed bug when turned off "On expand refresh"
fixed runtime crytical warnings reported in
and thanks to Enrico for help with gdb :)
added empty element when directory not filled, and changed default option values
for "On expand refresh"
10-04-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed wrong root refresh on delete and create when objects are in toplevel
some string changed in prefs dialog
added option to close document if it is deleted from treebrowser
highlighing addressbar if typed directory not exists
make right click menu dynamic
31-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed saving state of Show the toolbars when starting Geany
moving settings saving in separated function - save_settings()
now changing root directory when change current project
fixed bug when 'Right click->Refresh'
30-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed expaned state when create/delete/remove files or directories
26-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed bug with 'On expand, refresh.'
now right click not select item from list
23-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
added option when expanding to refresh directory tree
fixed complier warning with glib
22-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed some bugs
fixed few old compiler warnings
applied few patches from Enrico Troger (code improvement)
21-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fixed few compile warnings with glib and unused vars
fixed expanding, now directory is open when it click filling for first time
fixed possible segfault on start
added menu option to go up
fixed duplicated vbox varname now is 'sidebar_vbox'
added configuration dialog
fixed externally open menu
added option to close bars in bars
added options to expand/collapse all from menu
fixed compile error with glib < 2.12.0
added option to go current doc path in menu
20-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
clear comments
changelog update
if filter start with '!;' then filters are temporary reversed
ex.: '!;*.c;*.h' will show all expect .c and .h files
19-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
clear up the syntax and function names
fixed many bugs with renaming/creating/deleting objects
added multiple filtering criterias (separated by ';')
added oneclick document opening
18-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
add option to reverse filematch filter
17-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
migrated to dialogs_show_msgbox and dialogs_show_question
fix problem with path initialization
16-03-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fix compilation warning messages
fix some crytical errors
21-02-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
fix patch applyed from Enrico about initial directories
20-02-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
made strings suitable for localization
fixed problem with default chroot
added option to disable chrooting on double click on directory
17-02-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
added options to add/remove/rename directories and files
code cleanup
14-02-2010 Adrian Dimitrov <>
* src/treebrowser.c
initial, with base options