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GeanyLaTeX: Addjust dependency to geany 0.21 as its the first release…

… geanylatex working with
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1 parent 93af1f9 commit 8c05665e3230e6afb9afcc081748b78c57cf1b1a @frlan frlan committed Jul 8, 2012
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2 geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ \section{Requirements}
used a prepared package, e.g. from your distribution, you probably
need to install an additional package, probably called geany-dev or
geany-devel. Please note that in order to compile and use this
-plugin, you need Geany 0.20svn or later (Geany Plugin API v199 or
+plugin, you need Geany 0.21 or later (Geany Plugin API v199 or
Furthermore you need, of course, a C compiler and python installed.

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