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add NEWS notes for GeanyGDB

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@@ -3,6 +3,24 @@ Geany-plugins 0.19 (t.b.p.s)
* Allow hitting return to close email address dialog and proceed.
+ GeanyGDB
+ * Bugfix: Should compile on BSD again.
+ * Bugfix: Now loads files which have a space in path.
+ * Bugfix: Fixed an issue, where some localizations may caused a crash.
+ * Bugfix: Run gdb with LANG=C to avoid locale-related clashes when
+ parsing the gdb output for the localized version break- and watchpoints.
+ * Bugfix: Improve the way a running process gets killed.
+ * Bugfix: Fix the general geany slowness that geanygdb causes once a
+ binary is loaded
+ * Usability: Fixed confusing naming issues. This plugin is now
+ consistently called GeanyGDB, the Unix name is geanygdb (lowercase).
+ * Usability: add a menu entry to the Geany menubar
+ * Usability: add the possibilty to set keyboard shortcuts
+ * Added a page to the info area at the bottom of Geany, which will be
+ used to display the stack and local variables or watches in future
+ * API: Update GeanyGDB to use current API interface of Geany, to be
+ compatible with current Geany versions.
Geany-plugins 0.18 (October 28, 2009)

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