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Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. @hyperair
Commits on Jul 9, 2012
  1. @frlan
  2. @frlan

    Update of German translation

    frlan committed
Commits on Jul 8, 2012
  1. @codebrainz @b4n
  2. @b4n
  3. @b4n
  4. @b4n
  5. @b4n
  6. @b4n
  7. @b4n
  8. @b4n
  9. @b4n

    GeanySendMail: Use N_() for translations in arrays

    b4n committed
    _() is a function and it then can't be used to initialize an array
    element in C89, so use N_() that only marks the string for extracting
    without actually translating it.  This is not an issue here since the
    translation will be done automatically later by GTK (using the
    GETTEXT_PATKAGE registered in the same array).
  10. @b4n
  11. @b4n

    GeanyLua: Move prototypes to glspi.h

    b4n committed
    This makes them available to all modules, including the ones defining
    them which makes sure they actually match the definition.
  12. @b4n
  13. @b4n
  14. @b4n
  15. @b4n

    GeanyVC: Don't specify subobject initializers

    b4n committed
    The `.identifier = ` syntax for specifying subobject initializers was
    introduced by C99.  Since we want to stick as compatible as possible
    with C89, and since specifying subobject initializer wasn't needed
    (only made obvious which field initialized what), we just drop them.
  16. @b4n
  17. @b4n
  18. @b4n
  19. @b4n
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  21. @b4n
  22. @b4n
  23. @b4n
  24. @b4n

    GeanyPrj: Fix an invalid return

    b4n committed
  25. @b4n
  26. @b4n
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  28. @b4n
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  30. @b4n
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