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Fix bug 3557458 and some compiler warnings #67

wants to merge 3 commits into


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alvesh88 commented Aug 24, 2012

SCI_GETSELTEXT also reserves space for a terminating 0 byte, this should not be written to the gpg buffer.
verify_aux.c:163:20: warning: variable 'summary' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
encrypt_cb.c:76:17: warning: declaration of 'abort' shadows a global declaration [-Wshadow]
have been fixed.


b4n commented Aug 25, 2012

The diff (actual changes) looks OK, but the the commit are really weird. 35a8fe8 looks like half-merge half-commit; and c28cd25 looks like c9da828 but with additional, unrelated, stuff in it?? I'm not sure how hard it'd be to fix them, but it'd be really great to have proper commits.


frlan commented Aug 26, 2012

Please do a git rebase --interactive and resubmit pull request.


alvesh88 commented Aug 26, 2012

I did a

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

It appears these changes have also gotten in the pull request. I don't
really understand how git rebase works, what should I enter to fix this?

On 26/08/12 11:34, Frank Lanitz wrote:

Please do a git rebase --interactive and resubmit pull request.

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#67 (comment).


b4n commented Aug 26, 2012

It was a bit tricky to do, mostly because of c28cd25. I did it and I propose #69 as an alternative. Please give it a look and tell me if it looks ok to you.

@alvesh88 I've no clue how this really weird things happened, but you should not be working on the master branch of your fork, but rather in a specific branch. This would avoid such issues where the branch on which you committed diverged, and you can always either merge upstream master or rebase on if from time to time to keep your branch up to date.

E.g., you could create a geanypg-wip branch:

$ git checkout -b geanypg-wip

and when you want to start working on something, go to that branch, either rebase it or merge master (not strictly required but highly recommended), and start working:

$ git checkout geanypg-wip
$ git fetch upstream
$ git rebase upstream/master # or merge upstream/master
$ git commit -a
$ git push origin geanypg-wip # may require -f if you used rebase above

Don't worry about changing the history of that branch, it's specific to your fork and probably not many people would track it. However if you want you can very well use merge rather than rebase, it would only create a few merge commits.

@frlan frlan closed this Oct 3, 2012


frlan commented Oct 3, 2012

Has been merged with pull request #69

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