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Addons Plugin

This plugin adds various small addons to Geany which aren't worth an own
plugin but might still useful for people.

This addon places a new item in the toolbar and when clicked offers a menu
listing all open files plus the 'Close All' and 'Close Other Documents' menu
items. This can be useful to quickly access open files and switch to them.

Adds 'Open URI' and 'Copy URI' menu items to the editor menu when the word under
the cursor looks like a URI. 'Open URI' uses the browser command configured in
Geany to open it.

The tasks plugin goes through a file being edited and picks out lines with
"TODO" or "FIXME" in them. It collects the text after those words and puts
them in a new "Tasks" tab in the message window. Clicking on a task in that
tab takes you to the line in the file where the task was defined.

Adds a status icon to the notification area (systray) and provides
a simple popup menu with some basic actions. It can also be used to
quickly show and hide the Geany main window.


Addons 0.2
^^^^^^^^^^ (GPG-Signature)

or (GPG-Signature)

Development Code

Get the code from:

    svn checkout

For compiling the plugin yourself, you will need the GTK (>= 2.8.0) libraries
and header files. You will also need its dependency libraries and header
files, such as Pango, Glib and ATK. All these files are available at

And obviously, you will need have Geany installed. If you have Geany installed
from the sources, you should be ready to go.
If you used a prepared package e.g. from your distribution you probably need
to install an additional package, this might be called geany-dev or geany-devel.
Please note that in order to compile and use this plugin, you need Geany 0.16
or later.

Furthermore you need, of course, a C compiler and the Make tool.
The GNU versions of these tools are recommended.

Compiling and installing the code is done by the following three commands:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

For more configuration details run
$ ./configure --help

If there are any errors during compilation, check your build environment
and try to find the error, otherwise contact one of the authors.

After installed successfully, simply load the plugin in Geany's plugin
manager. In the configuration dialog you can enable or disable the various
components of this plugin.

Addons is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.  A copy of this license
can be found in the file COPYING included with the source code of this

Ideas, questions, patches and bug reports
Report them at
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