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geanyvc is plugin that provides a uniform way of accessing the different
version-control systems inside Geany IDE. Only small subset of vc is
implemented, but, hey, you don't need anything besides diff, log, status,
revert and commit most time.

In order to use it you need Geany 0.16.


geanyvc currently support the following version control systems:

Bazaar, GIT, Mercurial, Subversion, SVK::

 * diff file
 * diff directory
 * diff base directory
 * blame
 * log file
 * log directory
 * log base directory
 * status
 * revert file
 * revert directory
 * revert base directory
 * show unmodified original file
 * add file
 * remove file
 * update
 * commit


 * diff file
 * diff directory
 * diff base directory
 * log file
 * log directory
 * log base directory
 * status
 * revert file
 * revert directory
 * revert base directory
 * update


For compiling the plugin yourself, you will need the GTK (>= 2.6.0) libraries
and header files. You will also need its dependency libraries and header
files, such as Pango, Glib and ATK. All these files are available at
If you like to use spellchecking for your commit
messages you will also need gtkspell (>=2.0), but this is only optional.

And obviously, you will need have Geany installed. If you have Geany installed
from the sources, you should be ready to go.
If you used a prepared package e.g. from your distribution you probably need
to install an additional package, this might be called geany-dev or geany-devel.
Please note that in order to compile and use this plugin, you need Geany 0.15
or later.

Furthermore you need, of course, a C compiler and the Make tool.
The GNU versions of these tools are recommended.


After compiling and/or installing geanyvc, start Geany and go to menu
Tools->Plugin Manager and set checkbox at VC plugin.

You can configure the following options:

* Set Change flag for document tabs created with pluging.

If this option is activated, every new by the VC-plugin created document tab
will be marked as changed. Even thus this option is useful in some cases, it
could cause a big number of sometimes annoying "Do you want to save"-dialogs.

* Confirm adding new files to a VCS

Shows a confirmation dialog on adding a new (created) file to VCS. If not set
you will not see dialog "Do you want to add <file>?"

* Maximize commit dialog

If this option is activated, commit dialog will fit the full size of your
monitor. If it is not set commit dialog size will be 700x500.

* Use external diff viewer

If this option is activated and you have **meld**, **kompare**, **kdiff3**, 
**diffuse** or **tkdiff** available from command line, one of these program 
will be used to show differences for "Diff From Current File" command.

* Enable CVS/GIT/SVN/SVK/Bazaar/Mercurial

geanyvc detect if opened file is in version control by checking directories
and executing commands from version control systems toolchain. These options
disable checking for particular version control system. Disabling not
required ones can speed up things. So it is recommended to activate svk only
if you want to use it, since it is quiet slow.


geanyvc is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version. A copy of this license
can be found in the file COPYING included with the source code of this

Ideas, questions, patches and bug reports

If you add something, or fix a bug, please send a patch (in 'diff -u'
format) to the geany mailing list or to one of the authors listed bellow.


Use static functions where possible.
Try to use GLib types and functions - e.g. g_free instead of free and
try to use only GLib 2.6 and GTK 2.6 functions. At least for the moment,
we want to keep the minimum requirement for GTK at 2.6.


The file contains information about
the current code style. Run this script before commit.


The current version is:

============= =============== ==========================================================
Geany Version Geanyvc Version Download
============= =============== ==========================================================
0.16                      0.5
============= =============== ==========================================================

Up to date source code can be downloaded here::

  svn checkout

If you have old version of Geany installed you need old version of plugin as well. These versions of plugin
are no longer supported and if you find bug in one of them, it won't be fixed unless you do it yourself.

============= =============== ==========================================================
Geany Version Geanyvc Version Download
============= =============== ==========================================================
0.15                      0.4

0.14                      0.3

0.13                      0.2
============= =============== ==========================================================


Gentoo ebuild is available here:

Arch linux

A package for Arch Linux is available here:

Source Mage

To install geanyvc, just run the following command::

  cast geanyvc


A windows installer is available here:

2007-2008 by Yura Siamashka and Frank Lanitz
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