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TreeBrowser plugin

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The TreeBrowser plugin for Geany provides an alternate way to browse through
your files. It displays files and directories in a tree view and has more
features than the file browser plugin delivered with Geany itself.


 * Project following
 * Basic filesystem functionality
 * GTK bookmarks support
 * Keybindings
 * Filterable list
 * Show content-type icons

 * GTK >= 2.8.0
 * GIO >= 2.0 (optional)
 * Geany >= 0.17


After compiling and/or installing TreeBrowser, start Geany and go to menu
Tools->Plugin Manager and set checkbox at TreeBrowser plugin


* My base directory is not remember
	Yes it isn`t saved, and I don`t think that it have to be saved while We have in Geany "Startup path", and "Load from the last session"
	These settings are useful and the plugin take care about them, use them and the problem with the last directory remembering will be solved.

Download Source

Development Source Tarbal:

TreeBrowser is part of the combined Geany Plugins release. For more information and downloads, please visit


 The plugin is part from the geany-plugins projects, you can see the plugin`s install page at


TreeBrowser plugin is distrubuted under the same license as and geany.

Ideas, questions, patches and bug reports

Report them at

2010 Adrian Dimitrov
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