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.. image:: http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/7136/geanyvcsmall.png
   :width: 400
   :alt: image of a plugin in work (if applicable)
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   :target: http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/5382/geanyvc.png

.. contents::


GeanyVC is plugin that provides a uniform way of accessing the different
version-control systems inside Geany IDE. Only small subset of vc is
implemented, but, hey, you don't need anything besides diff, log, status,
revert and commit most time.


*Bazaar, GIT, Mercurial, Subversion, SVK*

* diff file
* diff directory
* diff base directory
* blame
* log file
* log directory
* log base directory
* status
* revert file
* revert directory
* revert base directory
* show unmodified original file
* add file
* remove file
* update
* commit


* diff file
* diff directory
* diff base directory
* log file
* log directory
* log base directory
* status
* revert file
* revert directory
* revert base directory
* update
* commit


After compiling and/or installing GeanyVC, start Geany and go to
menu Tools->Plugin Manager and activate the checkbox at GeanyVC.


Using Geany's plugin configuration dialog, you can change some
options of behavior of plugin.

*Change flag for document tabs created with pluging*

If this option is activated, every new by the GeanyVC created
document tab will be marked as changed. This will cause Geany to ask
you whether you want to save when closing the document.

Even thus this option is useful in some cases, it could cause a big
number of sometimes annoying "Do you want to save"-dialogs.

*Confirm adding new files to a VCS*

Shows a confirmation dialog on adding a new (created) file to VCS.
If not set you will not see dialog "Do you want to add <file>?" and
GeanyVC will add the file without any further questioning.

*Maximize commit dialog*

If this option is activated, commit dialog will fit the full size of your
monitor. If it is not set commit dialog size will be 700x500.

*Use external diff viewer*

If this option is activated and you have **meld**, **kompare**,
**kdiff3**, **diffuse** or **tkdiff** available from command line,
one of these program will be used to show differences for "Diff From
Current File" command.

*Enable CVS/GIT/SVN/SVK/Bazaar/Mercurial*

GeanyVC detects if opened file is in version control by checking
directories and executing commands from version control systems
toolchain. These options disable checking for particular version
control system.

Disabling not required ones can speed up things. So it is
recommended to activate e.g. svk only if you want to use it.


* GTK >= 2.8.0
* gtkspell >=2.0 for a spell checking
* Geany >= 0.19
Contact developers

Yura Siamashka <yurand2(at)gmail(dot)com> and Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>