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TODO List:
Note: features included in brackets have lower priority.
Fix bugs:
o fix bug that prevents UTF-16, UTF-32 files from being loaded
o tagmanager fails on UTF-16/32
Next version or later:
o documentation: list and explain filetype modes
o common default highlighting styles configurable for all
programming languages
o configurable filetype and project make commands (e.g. using
bud for D)
o recent projects menu
o project indentation settings support
o improve Compile toolbar button for Make (drop down radio list?)
o MRU documents switching
o (support for adding plugin filetypes - SCI_LOADLEXERLIBRARY?)
o (selectable menu of arguments to use for Make, from Make Custom)
o (DBUS)
o (indent wrapped lines - Scintilla issue)
o (folder tree in the sidebar)
o (macro support)
o (better search & replace regex support - use
o (parsing tags from a memory buffer instead of a file on disk)
o (calltip support for non-C-like languages that use
function_name(arguments) syntax)
o (custom pipe-separated tags files support)
o (better tags support for popular languages? - this is a moving
o (tango-like icons for the symbol list)
o (show autocompletion symbol icons - see SCI_REGISTERIMAGE)
o (GFileMonitor support, if/when GIO gets merged with GLib)
o generating tags for latex/pascal/php
o include standard library tags only for C global.tags (offer
separate GTK tags file for download)
o stable plugin ABI for the 1.0 series? (Split up geany_data, prefs,
GeanyKeyCommand enum into groups)
o review documentation
o review any hidden prefs/compile time constants that could be in the
Prefs dialog, e.g. invert_all syntax highlighting pref
Note: these items might not get worked on.
o Some kind of support for CTags tags files
o Scope resolution for object members
o Python plugin interface (different concept from Lua scripting).
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