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2010-02-14 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* NEWS,, doc/, doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt,
geany.nsi, geany_private.rc, win32-config.h, wscript:
Version bump.
* New release: Geany 0.18.1 "Balfour".
2010-02-13 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/keybindings.c:
Add special cases for handling the Select All keybinding (Ctrl-A) in
the toolbar search and goto line text entries (closes #2948040).
2010-02-09 Nick Treleaven <nmt@localhost.localdomain>
* tagmanager/ctags.c:
Disable Assert warning for now as some (unnecessary?) asserts are
still firing e.g. for VHDL, Pascal.
2010-02-07 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/geanymenubuttonaction.c, src/templates.c:
Revert last commit.
2010-02-06 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/geanymenubuttonaction.c, src/templates.c:
Unref the new files toolbar menu when setting a new menu to fix
possible crashes when reloading configuration.
* src/main.c:
When reloading configuration, process the current document at last
so the symbol list will be updated correctly.
2010-02-01 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/plugins.c:
Fix GLib warning when toggling 'no plugins available' item.
* tagmanager/c.c:
Backport revisions 4406-4426:
Separate DKinds from CKinds.
Don't generate macro tags for D, Java.
Quick hack to parse contents of D extern{} and version{} blocks.
Fix creating D interface tags properly.
Parse D functions with contracts (fixes #1885480).
Parse D alias statement like typedef.
(Ignore some more D keywords).
* src/highlighting.c, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,
Partial backport:
Remove filetypes.common invert_all option - use 'Invert syntax
highlighting colors' pref instead (closes #2854525).
2010-01-31 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* icons/
Include geany.ico in the distribution tarball.
2010-01-31 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* plugins/export.c:
Close meta tag for export date properly.
2010-01-28 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
Update RPM Spec file (patch by Dominic Hopf, thanks).
2010-01-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/gb.c:
Replace the old icons with smiley icons from the Rodent icon theme.
Fix showing the same icon for two or more slots.
Minor cleanups.
* src/editor.c, src/editor.h, src/keybindings.c, src/sciwrappers.c,
Rename fold_symbol_click() to editor_toggle_fold().
Use editor_toggle_fold() when the 'Toggle current fold' keybinding
was used to respect the 'Fold/unfold all children' preference
(closes #2935053).
2010-01-18 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* doc/plugins.dox:
Add gcc commands to build a plugin to the HowTo.
2010-01-01 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* *.*:
Update copyright information.
2009-12-29 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/filetypes.restructuredtext:
Add the default comment character sequence for reStructuredText.
* src/callbacks.c:
Show the Find/Goto dialogs if the corresponding toolbar buttons are
clicked but their text fields are not part of the toolbar (#2920807).
2009-12-20 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/editor.c:
Fix LaTeX environment auto completion with CR/LF line endings.
Add some sanity checks.
* src/callbacks.c, src/prefs.c, src/toolbar.c, src/toolbar.h:
Set the correct parent window for the toolbar editor
dialog (closes #2913334).
2009-12-20 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* src/editor.c:
Extend auto_latex() function to check whether an environment has been
closed within the next lines to avoid auto adding double \end{}.
2009-11-30 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* data/latex.tags:
Add a couple of further latex-beamer commands to list of LaTeX tags.
2009-11-29 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/include/tm_tagmanager.h:
Update partly outdated and wrong doc comment.
2009-11-26 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* src/about.c, THANKS:
Add Peter Scholtens and Ayke van Laethem to list of translators. Move
Kurt de Bree into section of previous translators.
2009-11-23 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/php.c:
Remove duplicate regular expression for parsing classes.
Fix and improve parsing of constants (patch by Harold Aling, thanks).
2009-11-22 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/latex.c:
Improve parsing of sections and chapters by ignoring shortnames
like \section[shortname]{label} (closes #2890477).
2009-11-17 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.txt:
Fix slightly wrong description of how to insert Unicode characters.
2009-11-12 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* tagmanager/ctags.c, tagmanager/general.h:
Make TagManager Assert statements cause g_warning on failure.
2009-11-09 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/vte.c:
Remove useless comment about applying settings only when
could be loaded which is only displayed *if* is loaded.
* src/editor.c:
Allow autocompletion for HTML entities even within a word.
* src/geanymenubuttonaction.c:
Only set the menu of the button if a non-empty GtkMenu is passed to
geany_menu_button_action_set_menu() so the menu arrow keeps
2009-10-26 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
Add 'Doc-comments' plugin API subsection.
2009-10-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* plugins/saveactions.c:
Fix adding the filetype's default extension when using the
Instant Save plugin (closes #2885142).
* src/main.c:
Before looking for line and column numbers specified as part
of a filename, ensure the file doesn't exist on disk. This allows
opening of files like "test:0".
* src/treeviews.c:
Rename "select" variables into "selection" to avoid shadowed names.
* plugins/filebrowser.c:
Rename "select" variables into "selection" to avoid shadowed names.
2009-10-19 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* THANKS, src/about.c:
Add Xhacker Liu for his work at zh_CN translation to long list of
2009-10-12 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* THANKS, src/about.c, po/LINGUAS, po/gl.po:
Added Galician translation. Thanks to José Manuel Castroagudín Silva.
2009-10-03 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/printing.c:
Enable embedded page setup properties in the (Unix) Print dialog
on newer GTK versions (closes #2870596).
* src/highlighting.c:
Map global types (read from tags files) to keyword style for
filetype Java.
2009-09-30 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/symbols.c:
Add missing icon for Java packages in the Symbol List.
2009-09-27 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
Use AC_PATH_PROG instead of which for portability (patch by Erik
Southworth, thanks).
* src/pluginutils.c, src/pluginutils.h:
Don't build pluginutils.o if HAVE_PLUGINS is not defined.
2009-09-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/filetypes.xml:
Update VBScript keywords (patch by Ross McKay, thanks).
2009-09-22 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Change 'Foo tab in preferences dialog' titles to 'Foo preferences'.
Minor edits.
2009-09-21 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c, src/document.c:
When reloading files, use the previously set encoding instead of
detecting it again (closes #2862041).
2009-09-21 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/utils.c:
Speed up sorting in utils_get_file_list(). This reduces the file
browser delay on displaying a big directory, e.g. /usr/bin.
2009-09-20 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/php.c:
Merge recent changes from the CTags project to further improve
PHP symbol parsing.
2009-09-17 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/printing.c:
Fix wrong alignment of printed pages when page headers are
disabled (closes #2856822).
Plug a small memory leak and improve function signature of
2009-09-15 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/search.c:
Show Find in Files stderr output in messages window instead of
debug window so that invalid regex messages can be seen easily.
Combine FIF stdout and stderr callback code.
2009-09-14 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/utils.c:
Fix opening filenames beginning with two dots (closes #2858487).
2009-09-13 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/keybindings.c:
Fix 'Reflow block' command when at the last paragraph and there's
no last newline (patch by Eugene Arshinov, thanks).
Add 'Compiler options & warnings' section.
Update Style section to be clearer about code alignment and show
some example code.
Other minor edits.
2009-09-10 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* data/filetypes.latex:
Changing default value for showing pdf and dvi to ensure to take
*.pdf and *.dvi file.
2009-09-06 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.css:
Use "max-width" to set the document width of the generated
HTML documentation to let the text be auto-wrapped.
2009-09-01 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/plugins.c:
Remove plugin from plugin manager dialog on unloading if it no
longer exists or is incompatible.
2009-08-29 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/utils.c:
Fix removing leading double slashes in filenames which are used for
network resources on Windows (closes #2844085).
2009-08-27 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/geany.h:
Define G_GNUC_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT if GLib < 2.10.
* doc/plugins.dox:
Mention Files link at top for header files; demoplugin.c.
Minor edits; remove 'far from being complete'.
* src/keyfile.c, src/keyfile.h, src/main.c,
data/filetype_extensions.conf, HACKING:
Remove --generate-data-files argument & code - just edit
filetype_extensions.conf by hand (filetype order was broken
Add *.H extension for C++ (useful for non-Windows systems).
2009-08-26 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* doc/plugins.dox:
Add warning about not using undocumented features.
Add reference to HACKING for plugin API development.
Add section 'Plugin API/ABI design'.
2009-08-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/php.c:
Improve parsing of PHP functions by requiring a valid modifier or
whitespace before the 'function' keyword to ignore some false
positives like function tags inside comments
(patch by Harold Aling, thanks).
* tagmanager/python.c:
Don't parse comments after import statements and other tags
(closes #2838938, patch by Huandari Lopez, thanks).
2009-08-20 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* plugins/splitwindow.c:
Set the cursor color for the split window.
2009-08-18 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/callbacks.c:
Fix 'Open Selected File' for unsaved new documents.
* src/keybindings.c, src/keybindings.h, src/prefs.c:
Fix updating main menu accelerators after changing keybindings
(thanks to Lex Trotman).
* src/callbacks.c:
Fix using 'Insert date' keybinding when a custom date string has
not been set.
2009-08-18 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/keybindings.c:
Fix non-working Home and End keys on numpads.
2009-08-17 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* doc/geany.txt:
Add 'Scope autocompletion' section.
Add 'Tools menu items' section to explain configuration files
submenu, reload configuration item.
Minor updates/fixes.
2009-08-16 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/document.c:
Add a translation hint to an ambiguous format string.
* src/
Add missing include path to fix 'make distcheck'.
* src/win32.c:
Fix opening of local files in the browser on Windows.
* New release: Geany 0.18 "Kaine".
2009-08-15 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/editor.c:
Temporarily disable reshowing calltips when the autocompletion
list was closed implicitly by not choosing an item to fix
problems with wrongly displayed calltips.
* src/template.c:
Add missing 'coding' cookie to the Python filetype template.
* doc/images/pref_dialog_edit_completions.png,
Update images for Geany 0.18.
2009-08-13 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* wscript:
Add command '--hackingdoc' to create the HTML form of the
2009-08-12 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* po/pt_PT.po, po/LINGUAS:
Added a first Portugese (Portugal) translation based on work done at
launchpad by e.g. André Glória and Alexandre Jesus.
* src/main.c: Fix a minor typo on --help call.
2009-08-11 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c:
Call get_keyfile_wordchars() in highlighting_init_styles().
2009-08-09 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/filetypes.ada:
Add missing file.
* src/keybindings.c:
Switching notebook tabs now works for the currently used notebook
widget instead of always using the documents notebook.
* src/document.c, src/document.h, src/documentprivate.h,
Small corrections to some API docs.
2009-08-02 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c, src/win32.h, src/win32.c:
Expand system environment variables (%variableName%) on Windows when
running Build commands.
2009-07-30 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/keybindings.c:
Rename 'Reflow lines/paragraph' to 'Reflow lines/block' because in
future using an indent block is more useful e.g. for ChangeLog
* scintilla/LexMarkdown.cxx, scintilla/makefile.win32,
scintilla/include/SciLexer.h, scintilla/include/Scintilla.iface,
scintilla/KeyWords.cxx, scintilla/, src/highlighting.c,
src/about.c, src/filetypes.c, src/filetypes.h, THANKS,
tagmanager/parsers.h, tagmanager/makefile.win32,
tagmanager/markdown.c, tagmanager/, wscript:
Add Markdown filetype (patch by Jon Strait, thanks).
* src/pluginprivate.h, src/pluginutils.c, src/plugins.c:
Fix disconnecting plugin signal id when not using geany_object.
* src/filetypes.c:
Add filetype_make_title() instead of using:
ft->title = g_strdup_printf(_("%s source file"), ft->name);
It also supports "%s file" strings.
2009-07-29 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/pluginprivate.h, src/utils.h, src/plugindata.h,
src/stash.c, src/pluginutils.c, src/plugins.c, src/pluginutils.h,
doc/pluginsymbols.c, doc/plugins.dox, plugins/geanyfunctions.h,
Add plugin_signal_connect() for connecting plugin signals at
runtime and also for connecting to any GObject signal.
Add 'Plugin Utility Functions' on main page.
Add foreach_array() macro.
* src/keybindings.c, src/sciwrappers.c, src/sciwrappers.h,
src/document.c, src/editor.c:
Rename 3 sci functions to sci_set_target_start(),
sci_set_target_end(), sci_replace_target() to match the SCI_
message name.
2009-07-28 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* wscript: Fix compiling error with waf.
2009-07-28 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/pluginprivate.h, src/makefile.win32, src/plugindata.h,
src/pluginutils.c, src/plugins.c, src/pluginutils.h,
src/, wscript:
Move plugin_* utility functions to pluginutils.c.
Add pluginprivate.h.
* src/editor.c:
Fix reshowing calltip in the wrong document.
2009-07-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Add some general information about auto-completion capabilities
(patch by Lex Trotman, thanks).
2009-07-25 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* po/LINGUAS, po/sl_SI.po, THANKS, src/about.c:
Added a first Slovenian translation. Thanks to Joze Klepec.
2009-07-24 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c:
Use full styleset_foo[_init] function name as argument to
init_styleset_case() and styleset_case() macros so it's easier to
understand the code.
* src/keybindings.c, src/keybindings.h, src/sciwrappers.c,
src/sciwrappers.h, src/editor.c, src/editor.h, THANKS,
doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Add 'Reflow lines/paragraph' keybinding, defaults to Ctrl-J.
Heavily based on a patch by Eugene Arshinov (thanks).
Add sci_lines_split(), sci_lines_join(), sci_text_width(),
2009-07-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/editor.c:
Attempt to fix reshowing calltips after the autocompletion list
has been shown.
Reshow calltips also when the autocompletion list was closed
implicitly by not choosing an item.
2009-07-23 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/toolbar.c, src/plugindata.h,
Change utils_str_remove_chars() to work in place; fix allocating on
the stack (the string length could exhaust the stack size).
* src/templates.c, src/build.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h,
src/printing.c, src/callbacks.c:
Rename utils_str_replace() utils_str_replace_all(), setting a
'gchar **haystack' argument instead of returning a new string.
* src/editor.c:
For the Tabs indent type, remove spaces when unindenting (only) if
there are no tabs on the line.
Group undo actions for (un)indenting of multiple lines.
* src/document.c, src/editor.c:
Fix scrolling horizontally after finding a search match with the
search bar or Find Next/Previous which is off-screen.
* src/keybindings.c:
Fix GLib warning when pressing a key with no documents open.
2009-07-21 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/utils.c:
Start unifying usage of @a and @c markup elements in API docs,
to be continued.
* src/main.c, src/prefs.c, src/toolbar.c, src/toolbar.h:
Show/hide the toolbar without a restart when the setting in the
preferences dialog is changed (closes #2824785).
* src/dialogs.c, src/document.c, src/editor.c, src/encodings.c,
src/filetypes.c, src/keybindings.h, src/main.c, src/msgwindow.c,
src/navqueue.c, src/plugindata.h, src/prefs.c, src/toolbar.c,
Continue unifying usage of @a and @c markup elements in API docs.
2009-07-21 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/document.c:
Remove relative/untidy path elements when creating new documents
with a filename (e.g. from the command-line) (#2823998).
2009-07-20 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c:
Disable 'Recent Projects' menu item if the list of recent projects
is empty.
* src/win32.c:
Fix some harmless compiler warnings.
* plugins/geanyfunctions.h, plugins/splitwindow.c, src/plugindata.h,
src/plugins.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h:
Move utils_str_remove_chars() from the plugins/splitwindow.c to
src/utils.c and add it to the plugin API.
Make utils_str_remove_chars() work on a new copy of the input string
instead of modifying it in place.
* src/toolbar.c:
Remove underscores from the toolbar items labels.
* src/utils.c:
Fix typos.
* plugins/splitwindow.c:
Fix broken 'Show the current document' tool button icon.
2009-07-20 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/treeviews.c, src/callbacks.c, src/stash.c, src/stash.h,
Add stash_group_add_widget_property() so we can save any widget's
read/write properties.
Use Stash for ui_prefs.sidebar_page setting.
* src/utils.h, src/prefs.c, src/keyfile.c, src/symbols.c:
Make foreach_ptr_array() use an integer argument for its
implementation, as this is more useful potentially than a gpointer*
argument, and more straightforward.
Add foreach_c_array(), foreach_ptr_array() to API.
* src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/document.c:
Remove relative/untidy path elements when opening documents (closes
* src/treeviews.c:
Fix showing project name for documents list files with no
subdirectory (oops).
* src/dialogs.c:
Fix checking whether to overwrite when using the Rename button in
the 'Save As' dialog.
2009-07-19 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/dialogs.c:
Don't use the main window as parent for dialog boxes if it is not
yet realised.
Set titles for message dialogs.
2009-07-18 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/toolbar.c:
Display item labels instead of raw names in the toolbar editor.
Apply changes in the toolbar editor instantly.
Show icons in the toolbar editor.
Speed up toolbar editor dialog creation.
* src/templates.c:
Improve inserting of comment templates like File header or licence
notices. The comment information are now read from the filetype
configuration files.
2009-07-16 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/document.c:
Enable file monitoring for files which are written to disk by Geany
for the first time.
* src/filetypes.c:
Fix broken special case handling when detecting filetypes from a
shebang or other special file headers.
2009-07-16 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/search.c:
Make Mark All keybinding clear search highlighting when there's no
current word.
* src/search.c:
Fix wrong match length when using Mark with regex.
* src/geanyobject.c, src/geanyobject.h, src/treeviews.c,
src/keyfile.c, src/main.c:
Add 'Show Paths' documents list popup item.
Add "load_settings" core-only signal emitted just after loading
main keyfile settings; useful to delay building UI elements until
settings have been read.
* src/treeviews.c:
Fix GTK warning when right-clicking on default tag tree.
* src/treeviews.c, src/treeviews.h, src/keyfile.c, src/main.c:
Add treeviews_finalize().
Remove tv.popup_openfiles field.
2009-07-15 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c:
Fix building on GTK 2.8 (patch by Eugene Arshinov, thanks).
2009-07-14 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/utils.c:
Quote the uri before passing it to the browser when opening a
website (closes #2818635).
* src/win32:
Fix broken 'builtin' Run command for HTML files on Windows.
2009-07-14 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c:
Properly fix wrong brace highlighting of non-brace character.
* src/editor.c:
Allow autocompletion in Perl double-quoted strings.
Don't autocomplete in Perl single-quoted strings (closes #2821061).
Don't autocomplete in Perl q() strings.
* data/filetypes.common:
Make Mark highlighting brighter.
* src/interface.c, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,
Use hyphen for auto-feature terms.
* src/plugindata.h, src/geany.h, src/filetypes.c, src/filetypes.h,
src/document.h, src/main.c:
Add documents_foreach() API macro that skips invalid docs.
Make filetypes[], documents[] part of the API again.
Add GEANY() macro for sharing geany symbols between API and core.
* src/plugindata.h, src/plugins.c, doc/plugins.dox,
plugins/saveactions.c, plugins/export.c, plugins/geanyfunctions.h,
plugins/demoplugin.c, plugins/filebrowser.c, plugins/splitwindow.c,
plugins/htmlchars.c, plugins/geanyplugin.h, plugins/,
plugins/classbuilder.c, wscript:
Add geanyplugin.h single include for plugin API; update all core
plugins to use it.
Add sci_set_font() to API.
Update plugin howto.
* src/filetypes.c, src/filetypes.h:
Remove filetypes_foreach_named().
2009-07-13 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c, src/about.c, src/filetypes.c, src/document.c,
src/document.h, src/main.c, THANKS:
Apply patch from Eugene Arshinov to reload color schemes via menu
* src/filetypes.c:
Reload filetypes.common after saving it.
* src/editor.c:
Improve wrong brace highlighting of non-brace character.
2009-07-10 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c:
Delay highlighting matching braces by 100ms, which speeds up
scrolling with the arrow keys.
* src/keybindings.c, src/keybindings.h, src/search.c, src/search.h:
Add 'Mark All' keybinding.
* tagmanager/diff.c:
Show relative paths in diff filename tags.
2009-07-09 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/highlighting.c:
Fix setting keyword list 'classes' for Haxe
(pointed out by Andreas Mokros, thanks).
2009-07-09 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/interface.c, src/keyfile.c, src/editor.c, src/editor.h,
doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,
Add 'Drop rest of word on completion' pref.
* src/editor.c, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
If autocompletion is already visible when forcing completion, show
document word completion instead of tag completion.
Docs: Minor edits of related prefs items.
* src/printing.c, src/dialogs.c, src/dialogs.h, src/plugindata.h:
Add warning when printing and editor font is not monospaced.
Fix using GtkMessageType instead of gint param for
Add missing G_GNUC_PRINTF macro check to API dialog funcs.
* src/editor.c:
Support 'tab indents, space aligns' style for auto-indentation
(closes #2789109).
2009-07-08 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/document.c, src/documentprivate.h:
Rework the GIO based file monitoring code. Now it is used only
to indicate a possible change of the file, the real check if the
file has been changed is performed by stat().
* data/filetypes.common, doc/geany.txt, src/highlighting.c:
Add style 'line_height' to increase the line height.
Add style 'marker_mark' and change style 'marker_search' to
define the style used for marked search results.
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Add the new 'Autocomplete all words in document' pref to the docs.
2009-07-08 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/interface.c, src/keyfile.c, src/editor.c, src/editor.h,
doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,, TODO:
Add 'Autocomplete all words in document' pref.
Use 'autocompletion' in dialog and docs, not 'auto completion'.
* src/editor.c:
Fix limiting number of word completion entries too much.
* src/editor.c, TODO, icons/16x16/classviewer-var.xpm,
icons/16x16/classviewer-method.xpm, icons/16x16/
Show autocompletion icons for tag symbols - for now only tags with
an arglist have the 'function/method' icon, all others have the
'variable' icon.
Note: XPMs were created from the PNGs with the ImageMagick 'convert'
* src/highlighting.c:
Highlight D WYSIWYG backtick `strings` and r"strings" (closes
2009-07-06 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c, src/utils.h, plugins/splitwindow.c:
Fix removing underscores in translated string using no_underscore()
Set a tooltip for the Split Window plugin's Show Current tool button.
Add utils_strdupa() macro.
* src/interface.c,
Use stock Select All icon now we have >= GTK 2.8.
* src/treeviews.c:
Fix using project name for document items that start with the
project base path but don't match it e.g. ".../geany-plugins"
instead of ".../geany" when project name is 'geany'.
2009-07-04 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c:
Fix warnings when the toolbar does not contain the Run button.
* tagmanager/lua.c:
Fix wrong parsing of complex expressions in the Lua parser.
* src/editor.c, src/geany.h, src/keybindings.c, src/plugindata.h,
Remove unnecessary enums.
* scintilla/*, scintilla/include/*, src/plugindata.h:
Update Scintilla to version 1.79.
* src/document.c, src/editor.c, src/sciwrappers.c, src/sciwrappers.h,
Use the new Scintilla struct names prefixed with 'Sci_'.
* TODO, data/filetypes.common, doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt,
Add second argument to the 'line_wrap_indent' styling setting to
control the new Scintilla indentation mode for wrapped lines.
* src/toolbar.c:
Properly close the toolbar editor on delete-events.
Fix warnings and possible crashes in the toolbar editor when the list
of displayed toolbar items is empty.
* data/filetypes.tcl:
Update Tcl keywords for Tcl 8.6 (patch by Witek Mozga, thanks).
* src/plugins.c:
Make the plugin manager dialog a bit bigger.
2009-06-30 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt:
Fix wrong default values for the 'Show Calltip' keybinding.
2009-06-29 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/filetypes.tcl, src/symbols.c:
Fix duplicate "context_action_cmd" key.
Use different icons for "Methods" and "Procedures" in the symbol
list for Tcl files.
* src/filetypes.c:
Fix a small memory leak.
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt, src/editor.c, src/keybindings.c,
src/keybindings.h, src/plugindata.h:
Make the Scintilla keybindings 'Delete to end of line' and
'Go to end of display line' configurable.
* geany.nsi:
Fix a typo (closes #2813624).
2009-06-28 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/tcl.c, src/symbol.c:
Improve parsing of Tcl files (parsing new Tcl8.6 style classes,
methods and namespaces).
Patch by Witek Mozga, thanks.
2009-06-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/ui_toolbar.xml, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html, src/ui_utils.c,
src/toolbar.c, src/toolbar.h:
Remove ui_toolbar.xml Configuration Files menu item.
Add a real toolbar editor dialog.
*, src/callbacks.c, src/callbacks.h, src/interface.c,
Add a button in the preferences dialog and an item for the toolbar
popup menu to run the toolbar editor dialog.
2009-06-25 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/dialogs.c:
Fix Gtk NULL warning with gtk_file_chooser_set_current_folder().
Fix using locale encoding for default Save As dialog path.
* src/editor.c:
Beep when trying to activate the '...' autocompletion item.
Limit (forced) document word completion to
Beep if no completions are shown when forcing autocompletion.
2009-06-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/ui_toolbar.xml, src/toolbar.c:
Add 'Build' toolbar button to the default layout.
2009-06-24 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c:
If forcing autocompletion and there's nothing else to show, complete
from words in the current document (using code from Enrico's
'AutoComplete Test' plugin).
2009-06-23 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/plugins.c:
Add debug message if plugin has not set a name for its keybinding
* data/filetype_extensions.conf:
Add *.m4 for shell scripts.
2009-06-22 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,
data/filetypes.common, TODO:
Make filetypes.common named styles use the "default" named style for
all missing style fields.
Set named styles to usually leave the background style empty. This
currently allows C-like filetypes to have a common default
background color.
Allow hard-coded colors to use -1 for the default color.
Add some highlighting style examples to the manual.
2009-06-21 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/templates.c:
Create initial template files with proper platform-specific line
ending characters.
2009-06-20 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/ui_toolbar.xml, doc/geany.txt, src/build.c,
src/geanymenubuttonaction.c, src/geanymenubuttonaction.h, src/main.c,
src/plugins.c, src/templates.c, src/toolbar.c, src/toolbar.h,
src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.h:
Instantly reload (i.e. rebuild) the toolbar when ui_toolbar.xml is
saved within Geany.
Refactor some related code.
* tagmanager/conf.c:
Strip trailing spaces from "Key" tags.
* geany.nsi:
Quote the full filename to the Geany executable when creating the
"Open with Geany" context menu item.
* plugins/splitwindow.c:
Avoid using deprecated GTK API.
* src/log.c, src/main.c:
Properly clean up the logging mechanism.
* src/build.c:
Fix LaTeX view commands on Windows (part of #2807688).
* src/prefs.c:
Add a popup menu for the keybinding list in the preferences dialog
to easily expand and collapse all groups.
Refactor the keybindings code for the preferences dialog, prefix all
related functions.
* src/main.c, src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.h:
Init stock items before creating the toolbar (closes #2809324).
* wscript:
Generate the geany.pc file also on Windows.
* src/ui_utils.c:
Invert the logic to determine which Save All we want to use:
Use the Tango like icon only for the Tango theme and the Gnome / GTK
like icon for any other themes.
2009-06-18 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c, README.Packagers, HACKING:
Remove gsd_* default styles, use named styles instead.
Note: this relies on filetypes.common being installed.
Add load_style_entries(), which makes style initialization
simpler, used in styleset_c_like_init().
2009-06-17 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/win32.c:
Prevent possible crash on Windows when not setting an initial
directory for native File Open/Save dialogs.
* data/filetypes.xml, src/highlighting.c:
Add style 'jscript_regex' for filetype HTML
(patch by Chris Macksey, thanks).
2009-06-17 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/filetypes.h, src/document.c, src/document.h, src/ui_utils.c:
Make GeanyDocument::file_type always be non-NULL, even for a new
document with no filetype set.
* src/editor.c:
Only autocomplete scope for scopes matching the current filetype's
* data/, data/filetypes.cpp, data/filetypes.vala,
data/filetypes.haxe, data/filetypes.common, data/filetypes.glsl,
data/filetypes.actionscript, data/filetypes.cs,
data/filetypes.ferite, data/filetypes.c, data/filetypes.d,
data/filetypes.javascript, HACKING:
Make C++, D lexer filetypes use named styles (apart from uuid,
verbatim, regex styles).
2009-06-16 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/dialogs.c:
Don't explicitly change the current directory of the Save As dialog
so that it uses the last used directory.
2009-06-14 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/encodings.c, src/encodings.h, src/plugindata.h:
Add Japanese encoding "CP932" (patch by Ryūsei Yamaguchi, thanks).
* src/editor.c:
Remove dead code.
When completing from the macro list, put the cursor after
the inserted text.
2009-06-12 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* tagmanager/pascal.c:
Fix type definitions being parsed as functions.
* src/editor.c:
Don't autocomplete in unterminated strings as well.
* src/templates.c, src/utils.h, src/dialogs.c, src/plugindata.h,
src/filetypes.c, src/ui_utils.c, plugins/saveactions.c:
Remove data_ptr argument to foreach_[s]list() macros, as using
node->data is enough sometimes; this makes the macro a bit more
efficient too.
Add foreach_[s]list() macros to the plugin API docs.
2009-06-11 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* scintilla/LexPascal.cxx:
Backport fix from Scintilla CVS:
Pascal lexer hanging on file that starts with 'interface' after
2009-06-11 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* waf:
Update Waf to 1.5.7.
* wscript:
Overwrite installation prefix on Windows only if it wasn't
specified explicitly.
2009-06-10 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/editor.c:
Display calltips for Pascal symbols in the Pascal way (#2803945).
* tagmanager/pascal.c:
Fix wrongly set return values for procedures (closes #2803945).
* doc/, tagmanager/include/tm_work_object.h,
Fix doxygen warnings.
2009-06-10 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c, tagmanager/include/tm_workspace.h,
tagmanager/tm_workspace.c, TODO:
Autocomplete scoped fields like struct members when typing '.' (and
also '->' or '::' in C/C++).
Save all tag types for C/C++ when generating a global tags file, so
we can use autocompletion for structs also.
Merge tm_workspace_find_scope_members(),
tm_workspace_find_namespace_members() (currently not built) from
Anjuta 2.24.1 tagmanager.
2009-06-09 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/pascal.c:
Parse Pascal calltips (closes #2802640).
2009-06-09 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/filetypes.c, src/ui_utils.c:
Add filetypes.common Configuration Files menu item.
2009-06-08 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c:
Add backslash to the wordchars on Windows when using
'Open Selected File'.
* src/wscript:
Add support (configure, build and install) for building on Windows
and cross-compiling for Windows using the Waf build system.
2009-06-05 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/toolbar.c:
Set status bar text instead of showing a dialog when saving
ui_toolbar.xml because the user might save several times.
* src/editor.c:
Fix redrawing due to colourising just after the document is first
drawn. Now colourising should happen before the first draw.
* src/utils.c, src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.common:
Fix segfault on parsing a filetypes.* style definition that has < 4
Allow style definitions to have missing fields to use the default
style fields.
2009-06-05 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/images.c, src/about.c, src/ui_utils.c, THANKS:
Add a more Tango like icon for 'Save All' (by Jesse Mayes, thanks).
* plugins/classbuilder.c:
Fix wrongly created header guards when the class filenames contains
dashes (patch by PCMan, thanks).
* data/filetypes.matlab:
Add build_settings section to allow executing Matlab scripts.
* src/document.c:
When closing a document, mark it as invalid before removing it from
the documents notebook (this fixes wrong Save All button state when
closing an unsaved document because the "switch-page" signal handler
was using old data).
2009-06-03 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Support toggling bold/italic when using a named style, e.g.:
Improve named style docs.
2009-06-01 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c, src/editor.c:
Fix crashes when parsing the output of a compiler which reports
errors on line 0.
2009-06-01 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/highlighting.c:
Support named styles also for filetypes.common [styling] entries.
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html, HACKING:
Update docs for named styles in filetypes.* files.
* src/symbols.c:
Fix grouping symbol list children when parent name has "." character
in for reStructuredText and Conf filetypes.
* tagmanager/python.c:
Fix grouping functions/classes under a nested function.
2009-05-30 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
Adjust icon paths (patch by Dominic Hopf, thanks).
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html, src/toolbar.c:
Add 'Replace' toolbar button (closes #2798225).
2009-05-30 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/utils.c, src/highlighting.c, TODO:
Implement named styles support for filetypes.* using a
filetypes.common [named_styles] section e.g.:
These can be used in e.g. filetypes.c as:
2009-05-28 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/ui_utils.c:
Fix wrong sensitiveness of the Redo buttons (closes #2797862).
2009-05-28 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* THANKS, src/about.c, po/lb.po, po/LINGUAS:
Added Luxembourgian translation. Huge thanks to Laurent Hoeltgen.
2009-05-27 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c:
Remove quote_executable() as it is not used anymore.
When creating the geany_run_script.bat use the "%0" variable
expansion and quote it for the "del" command (closes #2797172).
* src/win32.c:
On Windows, fallback to the literal build command line if searching
for the command in the system path failed (related to #2795923).
Properly terminate the resulting strings when reading the stdout
and stderr of any spawned commands on Windows.
2009-05-26 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/win32.c:
Use the wide character versions of native Windows File dialogs.
* src/project.c:
Fix wrong initialisation of the default project path button callback
in the preferences dialog.
*,, geany.nsi,, wscript,
geany_private.rc, icons/16x16/, icons/16x16/geany.png,
icons/48x48, icons/48x48/, icons/48x48/geany.png,
icons/, icons/geany.ico, icons/scalable,
icons/scalable/, icons/scalable/geany.svg,
Move the icons geany.png and geany.ico into the icons directory.
Add a 16x16 pixel Geany icon and the scalable SVG icon.
Drop the pixmaps directory.
2009-05-22 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/keybindings.c:
Improve MRU document switching so there are no duplicates in the
list and documents switched to whilst the dialog is open are
ignored. Also beep when cycling through to the first document in the
2009-05-21 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/dialogs.c:
Fix broken 'Cancel' button in the Save As dialog.
2009-05-20 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c:
Fix multiline indent when selection covers text on the last line.
* src/notebook.c:
Show current document in bold in tab popup menu.
* src/editor.c, tagmanager/python.c, TODO:
Parse Python calltips.
2009-05-19 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/symbols.c, tagmanager/python.c:
Parse Python import statements to get symbol completion for the
imported module names.
* src/editor.c, src/editor.h:
Make some only locally used functions static.
Fix wrong sanity check.
* src/build.c:
Fix quoting the build command string on Windows (closes #2791769).
This broke when we made build commands run synchronously on Windows,
now we don't need to special quote the commands anymore.
2009-05-19 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c:
Drop rest of word to the right of cursor when autocompleting (do we
need a pref for this?).
2009-05-18 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/sciwrappers.c, src/sciwrappers.h, src/editor.c:
Add sci_set_selection().
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Update manual for MRU switching.
* src/callbacks.c, src/editor.c, src/editor.h:
Make indenting with the Tabs indent type preserve spaces on the line,
so it works for the 'tab indents, space aligns' formatting style.
2009-05-17 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/python.c:
Fix missing symbols for variables when an equal sign is used
in a comment on the same line as the variable declaration.
Backport change from CTags SVN to keep the parser more in sync:
Add support for Cython constructs to the Python parser.
* src/search.c:
Remember the additional Find in Files search flags at startup.
* src/dialogs.c:
Don't close the Save As dialog when saving the file didn't succeed.
2009-05-13 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/keyfile.c:
Remember scribble cursor position.
* src/keybindings.c, TODO:
Implement Most-Recently-Used document switching when pressing
Ctrl-Tab keybinding. (It's probably not perfect, but works OK).
2009-05-13 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* data/latex.tags: Added some more commands from unit.sty and
2009-05-12 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/symbols.c, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,
tagmanager/makefile.win32, tagmanager/nestlevel.c,
tagmanager/nestlevel.h, tagmanager/python.c, tagmanager/rest.c,
tagmanager/, wscript:
Merge unstable branch:
Add reStructuredText scope information for tags (for symbol list
Read custom system global tags files from $prefix/share/geany/tags;
Closes #2778923.
Show the number of tags in a user global tags file (instead of the
running total) in the debug message.
Also print debug messages when loading a tag file manually or for
default global tags files e.g. python.tags.
- code:
Move NestingLevel tags code into a separate file, add functions.
- docs:
Add 'Installation prefix' section instead of quoting '/usr/local'
each time.
Update for custom system global tags files.
2009-05-11 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/highlighting.c:
Unset maybe previously keywords when setting up Scintilla for
XML files. This fixed wrong highlighting after switching back to
filetype XML from another one.
* src/utils.c:
Use plain old fwrite() in utils_write_file(). g_file_set_contents()
is only used when explicitly requested.
* src/dialogs.c:
Remove unnecessary call to g_intern_string() to fix build with
GLib 2.8 (closes #2790051).
2009-05-10 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/ui_utils.c:
Make the clear icon of entry fields act on the release event, not
on the press event like for other buttons.
* src/editor.c:
Refactor some multiple used code into get_multiline_comment_style().
* src/main.c:
Create parent directories if necessary when checking for the
configuration directory on startup (closes #2784577).
2009-05-08 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* plugins/filebrowser.c:
When a filter is set, apply it only to files, not directories and
apply the filter to the UTF-8 name of the file as the filter string
itself is also UTF-8.
* src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/highlighting.c, src/printing.c:
Add utils_color_invert() and use it in highlighting.c and printing.c.
* scintilla/include/Scintilla.h, scintilla/scintilla_changes.patch:
Backport change from Scintilla CVS:
Change capitalisation of header file to suit cross-compilation on
Unix for Windows.
2009-05-03 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* wscript, scintilla/*, scintilla/include/*, src/plugindata.h:
Update Scintilla to version 1.78.
* src/editor.c, src/highlighting.c:
Update Pascal styles as they changed in Scintilla.
2009-05-02 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/printing.c:
Ignore the invert syntax highlighting colours setting when printing
to not print characters on a dark background (closes #2785244).
* New release: Geany 0.17 "Wessex".
*, geany.nsi, geany_private.rc, win32-config.h, wscript,
src/geany.h, doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt:
Post-release version bump.
2009-04-30 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c, src/callbacks.h, src/main.c:
Update the View->Fullscreen menu item when fullscreen state is
changed externally (e.g. by the window manager).
* src/project.c:
Fix passing wrong pointer to the File Open dialog for the Run
command in the Project Properties dialog.
2009-04-27 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c, src/keyfile.c, src/main.c, src/ui_utils.c,
Remember the active sidebar page between sessions.
* src/project.c:
Add a recent project item after creating a new project.
* tagmanager/ruby.c:
Fix wrong parsing of string literals (closes #2781264).
* src/treeviews.c:
Fix setting focus to the editor widget after changing the selection
in the symbol list.
2009-04-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/symbols.c:
Prevent crashes when two or more top level items in the symbol
list have the same name (closes #2778246).
2009-04-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/keybindings.c:
Manually show the main notebook tab bar menu when Shift-F10 is
pressed. This broke when we disabled the default GTK tab bar menu.
* src/document.c:
Fix a crash when USE_GIO_FILEMON is enabled at closing a document
which was reloaded shortly before.
* src/editor.c:
When the editor menu is opened by the Menu key, use the text cursor
position for retrieving the current word. This fixes disabled
Go to Tag items in the menu (#2780044).
* src/treeviews.c:
Set the "ellipsize" property of GtkCellRendererText to automatically
shorten the path and file names in the Documents list.
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt, src/build.h:
Increase the amount of highlighted build error messages to 100.
At least for LaTeX we need higher values as there is a lot of
informative output before any errors are reported.
* src/filebrowser.c:
Use the startup path as the initial directory for the filebrowser
plugin when no project and no files are opened
(patch by Matias Gea, thanks; closes #2780521).
2009-04-21 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/dialogs.c, src/document.c, src/document.h, src/treeviews.c,
src/utils.c, src/utils.h:
Ellipsize tab labels and some status messages for very long
filenames (closes #2777348).
* src/plugins.c, src/plugindata.h, plugins/geanyfunctions.h:
Add utils_str_middle_truncate() and
document_get_basename_for_display() to the plugin API.
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt, src/toolbar.c:
Add new toolbar element: Print (patch by Roland Baudin, thanks).
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt, src/document.c, src/document.h,
Add a hidden preference 'use_safe_file_saving' to save files to disk
by creating a temporary file first. This has serious side effects,
please read the documentation before enabling this.
* src/build.c:
Make build commands on Windows run synchronously to avoid problems
with reading build commands' output.
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt, src/build.c, src/build.h:
Limit the amount of highlighted build error messages in the
Compiler window to 50 for performance reasons.
2009-04-20 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c, src/editor.c, src/keybindings.c, src/keybindings.h,
gtk_accelerator_get_default_mod_mask() which gives the same result.
* src/filetypes.c, src/symbols.c, tagmanager/,
tagmanager/makefile.win32, tagmanager/parsers.h, wscript:
Add a trivial symbol parser for NSIS files.
2009-04-19 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/dialogs.c:
Hide the extra file open dialog options in an expander to make the
dialog more compact by default and to provide more space for the
file view.
Remove the filename field as it is also provided by GTK itself with
more features like auto-completion.
Watch the 'show-hidden' property of the file chooser widget using
GObject's "notify" signal which gives accurate results and remove
the hack using the "selection-changed" signal.
2009-04-17 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c, src/callbacks.h, src/encodings.c, src/filetypes.c:
Prevent double execution of radio menu item "activate" or "toggled"
signal handlers.
Move 'Set Encoding' callback function into encodings.c.
2009-04-16 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/project.c:
Add some missing 'void's in function definitions.
If the project base path is './', just use the path of the project
config file instead of appending './'.
* src/treeviews.c, src/project.c:
When a project is loaded, replace the project base path with the
project name in the Documents sidebar for parent items
(closes #2723679).
2009-04-15 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/keyfile.c, src/keyfile.h, src/project.c:
Fix duplicating the recent files and projects lists when closing
a project.
* src/build.c, src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c, src/document.c,
src/editor.c, src/encodings.c, src/filetypes.c,
src/geanymenubuttonaction.c, src/geanyobject.c, src/geanywraplabel.c,
src/highlighting.c, src/keybindings.c, src/keyfile.c, src/main.c,
src/msgwindow.c, src/navqueue.c, src/notebook.c, src/plugins.c,
src/prefs.c, src/queue.c, src/sciwrappers.c, src/socket.c,
src/symbols.c, src/templates.c, src/toolbar.c, src/tools.c,
src/treeviews.c, src/ui_utils.c, src/utils.c, src/vte.c:
Remove all G_LIKELY macros inside g_return_if_fail() statements as
this is redundant.
Remove many other G_LIKELY/G_UNLIKELY macros which doesn't make much
sense to keep the code more readable.
2009-04-09 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/symbols.c:
When updating global type definitions for opened documents, take
also C++ namespace symbols into account and don't ignore symbols
which are defined inside a scope.
2009-04-09 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/plugins.c:
Don't show 'plugin is not binary compatible' messages on the status
bar, only the status window.
2009-04-08 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/socket.c:
When opening files from a remote instance on X11, set the window
server time to encourage window managers to pop up the main window
(related to #2735467 and #2276179).
* src/main.c:
When finished sending filenames to a remote instance, notify the
environment that we finished starting up.
2009-04-08 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/ui_utils.h, src/utils.h, src/ui_utils.c:
Sort Configuration Files menu.
Add ui_menu_sort_by_label().
Add foreach_list() macro.
* src/editor.c:
Fix autocompletion.
2009-04-07 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/main.c:
Fix setting a wrong default window size when starting without an
existing configuration.
* src/editor.c, src/sciwrappers.c, src/sciwrapper.h:
Make editor_highlight_braces() static.
Remove unused wrapper functions.
* src/editor.c, src/symbols.c, src/symbols.h:
Prevent showing an empty macro list.
Show only macros of the same filetype instead of all macros of all
loaded filetypes.
* src/ui_utils.c:
Don't add opened project files to the GtkRecentManager.
2009-04-07 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/editor.c:
Add Configuration Files item for snippets.conf.
* src/highlighting.c, src/symbols.c:
Fix 2 old uses of filetype IDs.
2009-04-06 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/interface.c, src/printing.c,
Minor string improvements (spotted by Jean-Philippe Moal, thanks).
2009-04-05 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/ui_utils.c:
Add sanity checks in ui_lookup_widget() just to be safe.
* THANKS, TODO,, src/about.c, src/interface.c,
src/keyfile.c, src/main.c, src/plugindata.h, src/project.c,
src/project.h, src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.h:
Add "Recent Projects" menu to the Project menu
(#2728630, patch by Elias Pschernig, thanks).
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html:
Describe how to build Geany using the Waf build system.
* src/build.c, src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c, src/document.c,
src/document.h, src/editor.c, src/encodings.c, src/filetypes.c,
src/geanymenubuttonaction.c, src/geanyobject.c, src/geanywraplabel.c,
src/highlighting.c, src/keybindings.c, src/keyfile.c, src/log.c,
src/main.c, src/msgwindow.c, src/navqueue.c, src/notebook.c,
src/plugins.c, src/prefs.c, src/queue.c, src/sciwrappers.c,
src/socket.c, src/symbols.c, src/templates.c, src/toolbar.c,
src/tools.c, src/tools.h, src/treeviews.c, src/ui_utils.c,
src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/vte.c:
Start using G_LIKELY/G_UNLIKELY macros to gain a little more
performance when building the code with gcc.
* src/highlighting.c:
Fix typo in the G_LIKELY checks, introduced in last commit.
Fix the size of the styles array.
* src/document.c:
Show a message dialog when renaming a file fails.
2009-04-03 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c:
Remove checks for the .pdf or .dvi files when viewing a LaTeX file
(as we did for all other files in SVN r3382).
2009-04-03 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* src/filetypes.c, doc/geany.txt:
Move ActionScript to the Script group.
Fix wording & typo.
* src/templates.c, src/utils.h, src/highlighting.c, src/dialogs.c,
src/plugindata.h, src/filetypes.c, src/filetypes.h, src/plugins.c,
src/symbols.c, src/ui_utils.c, plugins/saveactions.c,
Merge reorder-filetypes branch:
Make GEANY_FILETYPES_NONE = 0, sort filetype IDs randomly (so we can
append randomly without breaking the ABI).
Make None filetype name = title = _("None").
Add foreach_slist() macro.
Add filetypes_by_title list to GeanyData for plugin API access
- a list of filetype pointers, which includes the None filetype
first. This list stays constant by the time plugins are initialized,
so you can use e.g. g_slist_nth_data(filetypes_by_title, n) to
index the sorted list.
2009-03-31 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html, src/main.c:
Add widget names for the menubar and toolbar.
* src/msgwindow.c:
When hiding the messages window, set the input focus back to the
editor widget (part of #1910393).
2009-03-30 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* scintilla/LexOthers.cxx, src/highlighting.c, tagmanager/conf.c:
Backport recent changes from Scintilla CVS to add partial support
for RFC2822 styled text using the Properties lexer.
Ignore leading whitespace for config files and RFC2822 text.
* data/filetypes.actionscript:
Update/fix ActionScript keywords (patch by Chris Macksey, thanks).
* THANKS, src/treeviews.c:
Display file/directory icons in the Documents sidebar
(patch by Simon Treny, thanks).
2009-03-29 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt,, src/callbacks.c,
src/callbacks.h, src/interface.c, src/keyfile.c, src/main.c,
src/plugindata.h, src/prefs.c, src/toolbar.c, src/toolbar.h:
Add an option to allow appending the toolbar to the main menu bar
to save some vertical space.
Allow setting toolbar icon size to very small (menu icon size).
2009-03-27 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/keyfile.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h:
Add utils_path_skip_root(), a relative path safe variant of
g_path_skip_root (forgotten patch by Colomban Wendling, #2518658).
* src/keyfile.c, src/main.c:
Allow negative window coordinates when saving and restoring the
position of the main window.
Restore the main window position and size *after* the window has
been realised to get it positioned accordingly
(this affects at least Windows).
2009-03-26 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/main.c, src/plugins.c, src/win32.c, src/win32.h:
Use g_win32_get_package_installation_directory_of_module() on Windows
with newer GLib versions instead of deprecated API.
* src/keybindings.c:
Don't manage the last used documents list when quitting to prevent
errors by accessing invalid memory (may close #2533990).
2009-03-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c:
Delete the immediately after execution
to prevent leaking old copies when the script was quit unexpectedly
(closes #2710482, patch by Martin Olsson, thanks).
* src/keyfile.c:
Check whether skipping the root element of a document's filename
succeeded and use the filename itself if not (e.g. on relative
filenames, #2702844).
Use the locale encoded filename when saving session files.
* src/callbacks.c:
Re-set the quitting status after all documents have been closed on
2009-03-24 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* plugins/htmlchars.c:
Remove usage of deprecated sci_get_selected_text() from plugin.
2009-03-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c:
Delay disk file checks when switching between documents a little
bit to avoid fast, unintentional page switching in some cases.
* plugins/geanyfunctions.h, src/plugindata.h, src/plugins.c,
src/sciwrappers.c, src/sciwrappers.h:
Deprecate sci_get_text(), sci_get_selected_text() and
Add sci_get_contents(), sci_get_contents_range() and
sci_get_selection_contents() as replacement functions to provide
an easier and cleaner API (initial patch by Frank).
2009-03-22 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* tagmanager/css.c:
Fix wrong parsing of CSS tags when the definition block starts on
a new line (reported by Dominic Hopf, thanks).
2009-03-20 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* plugins/htmlchars.c:
Extend plugin by feature to bulk replace and replace on input for
special characters to their HTML entities.
2009-03-19 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/build.c:
Update build menu items after changing anything in the
'Set Includes and Arguments' dialog.
Disable Compile/Run buttons/menu items when Compile/Run commands are
set but empty.
Reset current build directory to the base directory after reading a
"Leaving directory" message when parsing Make output
(closes #2694479, patch by Andrea Mazzoleni, thanks).
* src/notebook.c:
Fix wrong display of the filename in the tab bar menu for new files.
* src/dialog.c:
Set the initial directory for the Save As dialog only once on
Add a shortcut of the project's base directory to the
File Open/Save As dialogs when a project is open for faster access.
* src/splitwindow.c:
Add keybindings for the split actions.
2009-03-16 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/search.c:
When using Find All in the Find dialog (in Session and Document),
display the right amount of matches.
Fix the display of the matches once per line (I broke the original
* src/ui_uitls.c:
Fix wrong directory selection behaviour in all Open Folder dialogs
(closes #2688020, patch by Marcel Stimberg, thanks).
* src/socket.c:
Don't present the main window of a running instance when starting
a second instance separately.
2009-03-15 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/socket.c:
Reduce default file permissions on the Unix Domain socket file
(reported by Jörg Sommer, thanks).
2009-03-13 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html,, src/interface.c,
src/main.c, src/plugindata.h, src/plugins.c, src/prefs.c,
Add an option to set an additional plugin lookup path.
* src/search.c:
When using Find All in the Find dialog, display matches only once
per line in the messages window (patch by Bert Vermeulen, thanks).
2009-03-10 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* data/filetype_extensions.conf, data/filetypes.actionscript,
src/about.c, src/document.c, src/filetypes.c, src/filetypes.h,
src/highlighting.c, src/plugindata.h, src/symbols.c,
tagmanager/, tagmanager/actionscript.c,
tagmanager/makefile.win32, tagmanager/parsers.h, THANKS, wscript:
Add filetype ActionScript (patch by Chris Macksey, thanks).
Update type keywords only for real C-like languages.
Fix wrong sorting of Assembler and Ada filetypes.
* plugins/classbuilder.c:
Use G_DEFINE_TYPE in the GTK+ class template instead of manual code.
Other minor cleanups.
2009-03-05 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/notebook.c:
Don't use menu item images for the tab bar menu to save some
vertical space.
* data/filetypes.fortran, tagmanager/fortran.c:
Add keyword 'extends' and fix Fortran parser to support the
'extends' keyword (closes #2654492).
*, plugins/export.c, src/interface.c, src/printing.c,
src/search.c, src/toolbar.c:
Fix punctuation.
2009-03-03 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* src/about.c, THANKS:
Added Jari Rahkonen to list of Finnish translators.
2009-03-02 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
Adjust minimum required GTK version.
* src/, wscript:
Add main.h to the list of installed header files.
*, src/document.c, src/documentprivate.h, src/interface.c,
src/notebook.c, src/ui_utils.c:
Remove GeanyDocumentPrivate::tabmenu_label.
Disable the default tab bar menu for the main notebook widget and
use a custom menu instead which lists all open files as usual plus
'Close Other Documents' and 'Close All' menu items.
2009-02-27 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/callbacks.c, src/search.c, src/ui_utils.c, src/ui_utils.c:
Move ui_set_search_entry_background() into ui_utils.c.
Change the background colour of the search entries in the Find
and Replace dialogs according to the search results like in the
toolbar search field.
Add images to the 'Replace' and 'Replace and Find' buttons in the
Replace dialog.
Minor cleanups in search.c.
* tagmanager/tm_source_file.c:
Update source files upon creation.
* data/c99.tags:
Update C tags for glibc 2.9.
* src/callbacks.c, src/toolbar.c:
Fix broken non-incremental search with the toolbar search entry when
pressing Enter (closes #2638180).
* plugins/splitwindow.c:
Fix possible crash on non-32-bit systems (patch by
Wolfgang Ocker, thanks).
Update the Packager tag due to Dominic's various contributions.
Update description and feature list.
Change Source tag to the gzip'ed tarball to be in sync with the
Makefile target (thanks to Wolfgang Ocker for reporting).
2009-02-26 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* plugins/vcdiff.c, plugins/, po/
Removed deprecated plugin VC Diff
2009-02-25 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/templates.c:
Fix wrong Fortran 90 comment characters when inserting templates.
* doc/geany.html, doc/geany.txt,, src/callbacks.c,
src/callbacks.h, src/editor.c, src/interface.c, src/keybindings.c,
src/keybindings.h, src/main.c, src/plugindata.h, src/vte.c,
src/vte.h, THANKS:
Add 'Send Selection to Terminal' command to the Edit->Format menu
(initial patch by David Gleich, thanks).
*, src/interface.c:
Fix mnemonic for the Edit->Preferences menu item.
2009-02-24 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
*, plugins/
Enable socket support when cross-compiling.
Enable plugin compilation when cross-compiling.
* src/msgwindow.c:
Fix missing NULL checks when reading the colour value of compiler
output messages.
* src/main.c, src/win32.c, src/win32.h:
On Windows, change the working directory to the Geany installation
path at startup to avoid unwanted directory locking(closes #2626124).
* src/encoding.c:
Fix broken selection of "Document->Set Encoding" menu items.
* src/document.c, tagmanager/include/tm_source_file.h,
tagmanager/include/tm_work_object.h, tagmanager/tm_project.c,
tagmanager/tm_source_file.c, tagmanager/tm_tag.c,
tagmanager/tm_work_object.c, tagmanager/tm_workspace.c:
Don't let the tagmanager automatically reparse files if they
seem to be changed on disk (affects all files in the current session,
not the current one). This should speed up file saving a little bit,
especially with remote files.
Remove now unnecessary calls to tm_workspace_update().
* src/printing.c:
Allow an empty value for the date format in the print settings to
omit the date/time string in the print header.
2009-02-20 Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>
* src/editor.c: Set cursor for LaTeX at auto closing of environment
direct into area.
2009-02-19 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/utils.h:
Add missing header include (closes #2615808).
2009-02-18 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* src/symbols.c:
Fix a possible crash when comparing symbol names
(could be related to Ubuntu bug #147151).
Fix broken symbol list tooltips when tag names contain ampersands.
2009-02-15 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* plugins/makefile.win32:
Don't build Split Window plugin on Windows (doesn't work).
2009-02-15 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* ChangeLog, Rotate ChangeLog.
*, geany.nsi, geany_private.rc, win32-config.h,
wscript, doc/geany.txt, doc/geany.html, src/geany.h:
Post-release version bump.
*** See ChangeLog.pre-0-17 for earlier changes ***
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