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Quick Guide for new translations
If you want to translate Geany into another language, please go to the
language statistics page (see below) to see whether your desired
language already exists. If it already exists, please read the
"Notes for updating translations" section. Otherwise, get the SVN
version of Geany, change to the po directory and start the new
translation with:
$ msginit -l ll_CC -o ll.po -i geany.pot
Fill in ll with the language code and CC with the country code.
For example, to translate Geany into Italian you would type:
$ msginit -l it_IT -o it.po -i geany.pot
This will create a file it.po. This file can be opened with a
text editor (like Geany ;-)) or you can also use a graphical
interface. I can suggest PoEdit (, but
there are several other GUIs.
Make sure you add your language to the file po/LINGUAS.
Just open the file with a text editor and add your code.
When you have finished editing the file, check the file with:
$ msgfmt -c --check-accelerators=_ it.po
Please take care of menu accelerators(strings containing a "_").
The "_" character should also be in your translation. Additionally,
it would be nice if these accelerators are not twice for two strings
inside a dialog or sub menu.
You can also use, e.g. by running the following command
in the top source directory of Geany:
$ po/ -a it
This will print some information about the Italian translation
and checks for menu accelerators.
Then send the file to Frank Lanitz and he will add the translation.
It is a good idea to write to Frank before you start or while translating,
because he can give you some hints on translating and ensure that the
translation is not already in progress.
Notes for updating translations
If you want to update an existing translation, please contact Frank
Lanitz. He is supervising all translation issues and will contact the
maintainer of the translation you want to update to avoid any
Some translation statistics can be found at:
I18n mailing list
There is also a mailing list dedicated to translation issues. Please
visit for more information.
Contact: Frank Lanitz <frank(at)frank(dot)uvena(dot)de>