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2006-06-04 Enrico Troeger <>
* README, NEWS: updated for Geany 0.7
* src/keybindings.c: changed default keybinding for menu_replace to
2006-06-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: Fixed bug in auto completion of constructs.
* doc/geany.docbook: Added documentation for filetype definition files
and definable keyboard shortcuts.
2006-06-03 Nick Treleaven <>
* doc/geany.docbook: More minor corrections/rewording.
Added Build System section.
Some corrections to the Filetypes section.
2006-06-02 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.css: improved colouring
* src/utils.c: Added some sanity checks if filetype is NULL.
* src/utils.c: Corrected readme text for filedefs/filetypes.README.
2006-06-02 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/dialogs.c: Fix dialog path warnings for command-line files.
* src/callbacks.c: Fix Go to tag declaration/definition.
* tagmanager/docbook.c: Fix a segfault with missing id in element.
* doc/geany.docbook: Minor changes to chapter 1.
2006-05-31 Nick Treleaven <>
* scintilla/PlatGTK.cxx:
Backport a Scintilla fix for crashes with recent GTK+ font issue.
* src/keyfile.c: Discard old session files also for unsaved documents.
2006-05-30 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/keyfile.c, src/sciwrappers.c, src/sciwrappers.h, src/document.c:
Scroll session files in view after all resizing of the Scintilla
widget and rename sci_scroll_to_line.
* data/filetypes.pascal: Updated identifier styling as highlighting.c.
2006-05-30 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/dialogs.c, src/main.c:
Removed unneeded function dialogs_show_fifo_error(), fixed small
memory leak in dialogs_show_question()
* src/utils.c: Fixed a wrong(non ISO-C) array size allocation,
improved utils_replace_tabs().
* src/keybindings.c: Added shortcut for Replace Tabs by Space,
extend usage of GEANY_ADD_ACCEL macro.
* src/prefs.c: Detect duplicate shortcuts and prevent saving them.
* tagmanager/css.c: Fixed a crash when opening malformed CSS files.
2006-05-29 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/about.c: Added Jacek Wolszczak and Frank Lanitz to the credits.
2006-05-28 Enrico Troeger <>
*, po/pl.po: Added Polish translation contributed by
Jacek Wolszczak.
* src/dialogs.c, src/utils.c: Made recent files menu item insensitive
when the list is empty.
2006-05-26 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/callbacks.h,
Fixed nasty hang when closing a tab and both the next tab and the
first tab files have been externally modified.
* src/dialogs.c: Add mnemonics to Replace dialog buttons, reorder.
* src/document.c: Fix incremental find and replace of back to back
2006-05-25 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/document.c: On loading use SCI_SETTEXT instead of SCI_ADDTEXT
to avoid Scintilla text changed signal.
* src/callbacks.c, src/document.c, src/document.h:
Make Replace in selection non-incremental and use single Undo
blocks for this and for Replace All.
2006-05-24 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/keybindings.c, src/keybindings.h:
Add shortcuts for Find Previous, Go to line
* src/keybindings.c:
Set shortcut for Replace and split keybindings_init code
2006-05-23 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/utils.c: check if file has been closed in
* src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/callbacks.h,
created Search menubar item with Find items from Edit menu, added
Find Previous and Go to line commands
* src/vte.c: remove vte middle click override to allow X paste and
update popup preferences item for Terminal tab number
2006-05-22 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/callbacks.c, src/templates.c:
insert the file type extension and fix a warning when inserting a
fileheader in a new document
2006-05-22 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keybindings.c, src/utils.c: improved toggle visibility of
sidebar when toggled by keyboard
2006-05-21 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keybindings.c: added menu_messagewindow and toggle_sidebar
* src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.c, data/filetypes.cpp:
added option to disable styling within preprocessor directives
* src/dialogs.c, src/about.c, src/callbacks.c,
rewrote about dialog to reduce code size, added subversion revision
* src/vte.c: declared some functions static
* src/dialogs.c: do not create VTE settings in the preferences dialog
if VTE is disabled at runtime
*, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/keyfile.c,
src/main.c, src/prefs.c:
added option to disable load of VTE at startup
* src/highlighting.c, src/utils.c: applied sanity check patch from
Pierre(posted on mailing list)
2006-05-20 Nick Treleaven <>
* src/dialogs.c: fix pressing enter to open more than one file in
the open file dialog
* src/sci_cb.c: fix a segfault when commenting out lines with ctrl-d
when no filetype is set
* src/utils.c: fix a segfault clicking on a compile error if the
compiled file has been closed
2006-05-19 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: fix a small bug in sci_cb_show_calltip() to prevent an
endless loop
* src/keybindings.c, src/dialogs.c, src/callbacks.c, src/main.c,
src/, src/geany.h, src/prefs.c,
make keyboard shortcuts user-definable
* src/document.c, src/utils.c: fixed a crash when clicking on the run
button and no file is opened
2006-05-17 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c: added code for creation of filedefs subdirectory
* src/document.c: fixed compiler warning
* src/keyfile.c: removed obsolete and commented code
2006-05-16 Enrico Troeger <>
* tagmanager/, tagmanager/tcl.c, tagmanager/parsers.h,
scintilla/, scintilla/LexTCL.cxx, scintilla/KeyWords.cxx,
src/filetypes.c, src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.tcl:
new filetype Tcl/Tk
* src/sci_cb.c: enabled autocompletion for all filetypes (fine tuning
still needed)
* src/document.c: removed mmap()-code, use at the moment only
g_file_get_contents, fixed memory leak
* scintilla/ScintillaGTK.cxx: updated to CVS version
* data/filetypes.*: quoted filename wildcards for filenames with
2006-05-15 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c:
added previously code to prevent opening of non-text files, fixed
detection of C++-destructors and other improvements in
2006-05-14 Enrico Troeger <>
*, po/ca.po, THANKS, src/dialogs.c:
added catalan translation contributed by Topi
* data/filetypes.php, data/filetypes.perl, data/filetypes.ruby,
data/filetypes.pascal, src/utils.c:
added compiler commands to run a syntax check and parse the output,
so it is clickable in compiler message window
2006-05-12 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c. src/callbacks.c: added code for parsing python error
messages when clicked in compiler
message window
* tagmanager/ruby.c, src/treeviews.c: improved parser to detect
variables and members
* src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.ruby: added missing keywords
2006-05-11 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c: show appropriate error code when use(i.e. write access)
of configuration directory fails
* src/highlighting.c, src/filetypes.c:
read the filetype definitions first from the configuration directory
and then from the datadir (%prefix/share/geany)
2006-05-10 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c, src/filetypes.c, src/templates.c, src/callbacks.c:
added template support for filetypes with comment character #,
updated GPL to the current address of the FSF
* tagmanager/python.c: fixed wrong identification of keyword class in
''' comments
* tagmanager/parse.c, tagmanager/python.c:
added code from anjuta to parse methods and functions separately
* tagmanager/ruby.c: applied patch from ctags Sourceforge site to
recognise things like Foo::Bar (ctags #1213512)
* tagmanager/perl.c, src/treeviews.c:
improved symbol list for filetype Perl, improved parser
* src/document.c, src/callbacks.c: improved tag list updating, should
be a bit faster on opening files
2006-05-09 Enrico Troeger <>
* scintilla/ScintillaGTK.cxx: fixed encoding problem which causes many
problems with non-Ascii characters
* src/document.c: fixed a strange segfault at creating new file tabs
2006-05-08 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: save current file if it is executed
(e.g. shell scripts)
* src/highlighting.c: fixed a typo which prevented highlighting of
variables in Perl
* src/filetypes.c, tagmanager/, tagmanager/parsers.h,
tagmanager/css.c: added parser for CSS filetype
* tagmanager/ruby.c, tagmanager/, tagmanager/parsers.h,
scintilla/LexRuby.cxx, scintilla/, scintilla/KeyWords.cxx
src/filetypes.c, src/highlighting.c: added new filetype Ruby
2006-05-05 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: fix a crash when clicking in the compiler output
* src/dialogs.c: improved file permission display if they cannot be
read (e.g. on Windows)
2006-05-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/win.c, src/utils.c, src/highlighting.c:
moved my_strtod() from win32.c to utils.c, use it always, not only
on Win32 systems
2006-05-01 Enrico Troeger <>
* data/filetypes.perl: added two compiler commands
* data/filetypes.cpp, src/highlighting.c: added some C++ keywords
* src/sci_cb.c: added try-catch-auto completion
2006-04-30 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/main.c: fixed a crash when starting Geany without debug messages
* sci_cb.c: fixed a small issue when dragging files to Geany
* new release: Geany 0.6 "Nivers"
2006-04-29 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keyfile.c, src/callbacks.c:
applied two patches from Nick Treleaven to fix invalid memory read
and improve the ordering of file tabs while loading session files
* src/vte.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to improve removing the
vte widget, fixed also a bug with disappearing scrollbars
2006-04-28 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/treeviews.c, src/msgwindow.c:
disabled interactive search function since it never worked and is
unnecessary and confusing
* src/utils.c: added small check for NULL pointer
* src/document.c: fixed some inconsistency with the read only check
box in the file menu
2006-04-27 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: improved key press handling to avoid that cursor
rans out of editor widget when pressing F8
* src/sciwrappers.c: applied two little patches from Nick Treleaven
* tagmanager/tex.c: fixed naming of the parser to get recognised again
for parsing LaTeX files
2006-04-26 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to right-align the
close buttons on each tab, reload the symbol list at
reloading a file
* src/dialogs.c, src/callbacks.c:
applied patch from Nick Treleaven which improves the file open
dialog, make it more compact, replaced read-only checkbox by a
button, fixed memory leak
* src/sci_cb.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to fix a small bug
in auto commenting lines with CTRL+D
* src/document.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to switch to the
new opened tab if placement of new file tabs is set
to Right
* src/utils.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to fix a bug in
utils_get_current_tag() with C++ methods
2006-04-25 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: added support for complete do while loops
* src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.cpp: added keywords this, public,
private and protected
* scintilla/ScintillaGTK.cxx, scintilla/PlatGTK.cxx:
applied patches from John Ehresmann (posted on the Scintilla ML)
* src/dialogs.c: improved the file properties dialog
* src/gb.c: translated comments into English and fixed some bugs
2006-04-24 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/main.c, src/geany.h: removed unneeded time variables
2006-04-23 Enrico Troeger <>
* scintilla/LexBash.cxx: fixed crash when typing "\" as last character
in a bash file (patch from Scintilla ML)
2006-04-20 Enrico Troeger <>
*, src/keyfile.c, src/document.c, src/interface.c
src/prefs.c, src/geany.h: added option to place new file tabs to the
right or left of the tab list
* src/utils.c, src/keyfile.c, src/prefs.c, src/build.c, src/vte.c,
src/filetypes.c: replaced lots of g_new() by g_new0()
* src/dialogs.c: at saving a new file, the extension of the file is
guessed based on the default extension in filetypes.c
* src/build.c, src/msgwindow.c: improved scrolling of compiler
messages at building
* src/build.c, src/dialogs.c, src/callbacks.c:
rewrote most of the building code, get compiler settings from
filetype definition files, handle non-UTF8 filenames better and much
more things
2006-04-18 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/geany.h, src/keyfile.c, src/utils.c:
added option to match < and > to, but disabled by default
2006-04-09 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: added handler for dragged file URIs in the editor
widget, so they will get opened
2006-04-07 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/dialogs.c: now the file save dialog returns when pressing Enter,
too, also fixed a bug if path of current file
contains non-UTF8 characters, added question dialog,
to ask for various things, so removed
* src/callbacks.c: added a check for overwriting files when using file
save dialog
* src/document.c: default charset encoding for new files is set to UTF-8
* src/highlighting.c, data/filestypes.common:
added setting folding_style to define the style of the folding icons
2006-04-06 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/build.c: fixed some errors with non-UTF8 filenames and paths
* bugfix: src/dialogs.c: fixed an error when changing the current
directory in the file open dialog and the
path contains non-UTF8 characters
* src/document.c: removed useless for loop in document_set_filetype
2006-04-05 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/document.c: fixed a segfault when opening a file and
filename is NULL
2006-04-04 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/callbacks.c: fixed potentially segfault when opening a
file from the recent file menu
2006-04-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/vte.c: applied three patches from Nick Treleaven to improve
usage of the VTE component
2006-04-01 Enrico Troeger <>
* tagmanager/general.h: added inclusion of unistd.h to avoid compile
errors on MacOSX
* src/document.c: fixed memory allocation while opening files, so that
empty files (size = 0 byte) can also be opened
2006-03-29 Enrico Troeger <>
*, src/interface.c: let the editor widget also be resized,
so resizing the main window is nicer
* src/keyfile.c, src/main.c:
moved some code from configuration_open_files to
configuration_apply_settings, because configuration_open_files is
not called every time
2006-03-28 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c, src/sci_cb.c, src/callbacks.c:
applied patch from Nick Treleaven to avoid segmentation faults on
long words(>120 characters)
* src/main.c, src/sci_cb.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to fix a
possible segmentation fault
2006-03-22 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c: added error messages to utils_write_file()
* src/keyfile.c: rewrote the code for reading the session files
2006-03-19 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/highlighting.c, src/sci_cb.c, data/filetypes.*:
added definable comment characters to all filetypes
2006-03-18 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/highlighting.c, data/filetypes.*:
added wordchars key to all filetypes
* src/main.c: improved reading and writing of the named pipe, so Geany
does not go into in an endless loop after opening a file
2006-03-17 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/sci_cb.c: typing } on lines longer than 256 chars caused
a crash (segfault)
* src/dialogs.c, src/callbacks.c, src/interface.c,
moved VTE settings tab code in the preferences dialog to dialogs.c,
so this code will not be compiled if HAVE_VTE is unset
2006-03-15 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/geany.h, src/main.c, src/keyfile.c:
easier to changed these defaults
2006-03-14 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: added check for existing documentation, otherwise
try online documentation
2006-03-11 Enrico Troeger <>
*, src/interface.c, src/main.c:
set minimal size to 620x440, default size to 900x600, added command
line option -m or --no-msgwin to disable message window at startup
* doc/geany.docbook: added description for -m option
2006-03-10 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to allow
reclicking of taglist treeview item
* src/keyfile.c: fixed small error which adds every time a new comment
in the filetype extensions configuration file
* data/filetypes.*, src/highlighting.c:
added italic flag to all styles, added background colour for current
* src/dialogs.c, src/sciwrappers.c:
applied patch from Nick Treleaven which improved inserting of
current selection in the find and replace dialogs
* src/filetypes.c: added new extensions for filetype Pascal
* src/data/filetypes.conf, src/highlighting.c:
added "key" and edited colours for changed lexer
* scintilla/*: updated Scintilla to version 1.68
2006-03-09 Enrico Troeger <>
* data/filetypes.pascal: added new keywords supplied by Marko Peric
* src/highlighting.c: added support for // and (* ... *) comments in
* src/utils.c, src/document.c: improved utils_check_disk_status()
behaviour to work with files on
filesystems with another time than the
time from the local host
2006-03-02 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c, src/build.c, src/geany.h:
clicking on a compiler error message jumps to the correct file, if
it is not the current one
* src/dialogs.c: fixed crash when closing find or replace dialog twice
by pressing escape (triggering the delete_event),
closes #1441359
2006-02-27 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: added auto completion in LaTeX mode for \begin
2006-02-26 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: removed unneeded destroyapp_early()
* src/main.c, src/utils.c: improved configuration directory creation
* src/sci_cb.c, src/highlighting.c, src/document.c,,
src/geany.h, src/interface.c, src/prefs.c, src/callbacks.c:
implemented first version of rudimentary folding support, added
goto line entry in the toolbar and made it hideable
2006-02-25 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keyfile.c: fixed memory leak, load filetype extensions from a
file in the configuration directory, the filetype of
a document is now also stored at loading and saving
session files
* src/filetypes.c: removed unneeded constant GEANY_MAX_PATTERNS
2006-02-24 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c, src/main.c:
made "make" build menu items sensitive for C header files
* bugfix: src/vte.c: hopefully fixed a crash when closing the
preferences dialog and message window was hidden
and shown before
2006-02-21 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c: added utils_make_human_readable_str()
* src/dialogs.c: added file properties dialog
*, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c:
moved font selection dialog from glade code to dialogs.c, removed
unnecessary callback functions for delete_event's
2006-02-20 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: fixed bug when using color selector and no file is
open, only fixed on some other actions
* src/geany.h, src/main.c: disable menu functions of the edit menu
when no files are open
* src/main.c: added the possibility to delete an existing fifo in the
case, that Geany crashed previously
2006-02-17 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/gb.c: fixed bug which caused always same figures under Win32,
some other code cleanups and changes
*, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/main.c:
replaced the New toolbar button by a menu button, so it works also
under Win32
* src/prefs.c: all settings are now saved by pressing OK in the
settings dialog, up to now it was only done at exiting
2006-02-16 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/main.c, callbacks.c, document.c: fixed some line breaking issues
2006-02-14 Enrico Troeger <>
*, doc/ improved "make uninstall" of Geany
* added check for mkfifo(), made it also an option
* src/main.c: added a message box if lost pipe was found, FIFO code
now depends on HAVE_FIFO
* src/ do not compile win32.c anymore, added to EXTRA_DIST
* src/geany.h, src/main.c, src/callbacks.c:
added command line option -p or --no-pipe to ignore a running
instance of Geany and force opening a new instance
2006-02-13 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c: added utils_show_linenumber_margin()
*, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c,
src/main.c, src/geany.h, src/keyfile.c, src/sci_cb.c:
removed some items from the document menu to the preferences dialog,
removed file save dialog from interface.c to dialogs.c, added
toggle for line numbers
2006-02-10 Enrico Troeger <>
* scintilla/LexOMS.cxx, scintilla/keywords.cxx,
scintilla/include/SciLexer.h, scintilla/
added new lexer LexOMS(based on LexBash) for OMS support
* src/highlighting.c: added new filetype OMS (O-Matrix)
* src/dialogs.c: improved the find and replace dialog, an existing
selection is inserted, fixed focus settings
* src/callbacks.c: prevent Geany entering an endless loop, at
replacing something like "YELLOW" with "yellow", if
search flag "Case sensitive" is not checked
2006-02-08 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/main.c, src/callbacks.c, src/geany.h:
Geany now creates a FIFO, to communicate between different instances
2006-02-07 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c, src/document.c: fixed a memory leaks
* src/document.c: improved filename handling on saving files
* src/callbacks.c: improved the filename entry widget in the file open
dialog, it handles now directories, too
2006-02-06 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c: improved behaviour of HOME/END keys on wrapped lines
* src/sciwrappers.c: added sci_assign_cmdkey()
*, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c:
rewrite of the file open dialog, now it enters a directory instead
of trying to open it in Geany (closes #1421776)
* src/sci_cb.c: improved sci_cb_do_comment() to handle SQL and Caml
* src/sciwrappers.c, src/sci_cb.c:
applied patch from Nick Treleaven to improve multiline selection
by selecting the lines in the line number margin, removed also the
right click behaviour to set a marker
* src/highlighting.c: added filetypes SQL and (O)Caml, heavily reduced
code size
* src/main.c: fixed wrong handling of the visibility of the message
* src/vte.c: fixed a crash when preferences are set and message window
is hidden (thanks to Joo Martin for reporting)
2006-02-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c: improved filename handling in document_open_file(),
fixed a crash at reloading files
* src/main.c: fixed a crash when opening more than 25 files from the
command line (closes #1422135)
* src/sci_cb.c: improved sci_cb_do_comment() to handle CSS comments
2006-02-01 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/build.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven to fix memory leaks
* src/document.c: changed <? to <?php in new file template
* src/keyfile.c: changed "term" to "xterm", this was a simple typo
* src/utils.c: added encoding to the status bar, fixed a freeze with
C++ files (closes #1419473)
2006-01-29 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/win32.c: set the Open File dialog directory to the same
directory as the current file
* src/utils.c: disabled the build menu under Win32, at least temporary
* src/templates.c, doc/geany.docbook:
added new wildcard {geanyversion} to have actual Geany version in
filetype templates (e.g. HTML template)
2006-01-27 Enrico Troeger <>
* new release: Geany 0.5 "Rebus"
2006-01-26 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c, src/dialogs.c: set the Open File dialog directory to
the same directory as the current file
(thanks to Nick Treleaven for this patch)
* src/sci_cb.c: fixed a bug with auto indention and CR/LF line endings
(thanks to Tamim for reporting)
2006-01-21 Enrico Troeger <>
* tagmanager/tex.c, src/treeviews.c: added tag support for "\begin",
fixed gcc4 warnings
* tagmanager/docbook.c: fixed gcc4 warnings
* src/filetypes.c, src/document.c, src/keyfile.c:
fixed some bugs when opening files with non UTF-8 filenames
2006-01-18 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: it is now possible to insert a function description
(use right mouse button popup menu) without having
the cursor inside the { and } of a function
2006-01-17 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: fixed two auto indention bugs
*, src/interface.c: fixed incorrect size of Save as dialog
2006-01-16 Enrico Troeger <>
* scintilla/*: updated Scintilla to version 1.67
* src/treeviews.c: added category class to the symbol list, changed
category names for filetype DocBook and LaTeX
* src/sci_cb.c: improved auto indention, now "for (...) {" works, too
* set prefix if it was not specified
* added GenericName[de]
2006-01-15 Enrico Troeger <>
replaced geany.desktop by, some changes to the
desktop file like absolute icon path
* tagmanager/tex.c: added tags section, subsection and subsubsection
* tagmanager/docbook.c: complete rewrite, works great
2006-01-14 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/document.c, src/treeviews.c: update open file list entry
when "Saving as"
* bugfix: src/document.c: fixed wrong g_object_unref() which causes
* bugfix: src/geany.h, src/document.c, src/utils.c:
fixed wrong symbol list in files with tag support but without
exisiting symbols, added new boolean has_tags in document struct
* src/geany.h, src/document.c, src/utils.c:
removed unneeded utils_get_new_sci_number() and scid from document
* src/treeviews.c, src/callbacks.c:
added popup menu to symbol list, added "Hide" and "Hide sidebar" to
symbol list popup and open files list popup, to quickly hide the list
or the whole sidebar
2006-01-10 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix:, src/interface.c: added missing tooltip to
compile button
* src/filetypes.c: applied patch from Nick Treleaven, to add .cc, .hh
and .hxx extension for filetype C++ and improve the
pattern handling
2006-01-08 Enrico Troeger <>
* tagmanager/docbook.c, tagmanager/parsers.h, tagmanager/
added conf.c(built from pascal.c), to create tags for docbook files
* src/build.c, src/utils.c, src/main.c, src/callbacks.c:
made the build menu filetype specific to have different menu items
* bugfix: src/keyfile.c: save window geometry with
gtk_window_get_position() so restoring the
window works correctly under Win32, too
2006-01-06 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/main.c, src/callbacks.c, src/vte.c, src/geany.h:
added commandline option to specify the path to the VTE library
2006-01-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* data/filetypes.markup, src/highlighting.c:
added new keywords for PHP5 and replaced phpKeyWords by php
(thanks to Simon Stoye for reporting)
*, src/interface.c, src/prefs.c, src/keyfile.c
src/callbacks.c, src/document.c, src/build.c, src/sci_cb.c:
added new option "Beep on errors" to disable beeping
2005-12-31 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/gb.c: fixed segfault when exiting the easteregg program when it
is still running
* src/highlighting.c, src/win32.c: added my_strtod(), as replacement
for Win32 strtod()
2005-12-29 Enrico Troeger <>
* tagmanager/tm_tag.c: eliminated compiler (gcc4) warnings
* bugfix: tagmanager/tm_workspace.c:
replaced macro __unix__ by HAVE_GLOB_H(closes #1387828) and improved
handling of P_tmpdir (closes #1387839)
2005-12-28 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/dialogs.c: fixed a segfault in dialogs_show_not_found()
* bugfix: src/utils.c: fixed bug in utils_strpos() which returned -1
if length needle is 1
* src/utils.c: added utils_treeviews_showhide(), to get the right
settings at startup for the left side treeviews
* src/gb.c: eliminated compiler(gcc4) warnings, replaced macro
__unix__ by HAVE_FCNTL_H, use /dev/urandom or /dev/random
(in this order) if available and rand() if not
* src/ added checks for /dev/urandom and /dev/random
2005-12-25 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/dialogs.c: text entry field in the find and replace dialog grabs
focus by default, so the cursor is always inside
2005-12-19 Enrico Troeger <>
* new release: Geany 0.4 "Tarkin"
* src/gb.c: several improvements and bugfixes
* src/prefs.c, src/callbacks.c: improved HAVE_VTE handling
* src/sci_cb.c: set cursor position between brackets in
2005-12-18 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: changed keyboard shortcut for rebuilding the symbol
list, now it is Ctrl+Shift+R, Ctrl+R is now used
reload the current file
* src/callback.c, src/utils.c, src/document.c, src/treeviews.c,
src/main.c, src/geany.h:
made the symbol list document-oriented, so it has not to be
generated on every notebook switch page event
* src/geany.h, src/main.c, src/keyfile.c, src/callbacks.c:
introduced opening_session_files, to suppress notebook switch page
events at loading the files from the last session
*, src/interface.c, src/geany.h, src/callbacks.c:
added new menu items: Help->Keyboard shortcuts and File->Revert
2005-12-16 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/dialogs.c: changed "build with make" keyboard shortcut to
Shift+F9 to avoid problems with window managers key
bindings (thanks to Nick Treleaven for reporting)
* src/about.c, src/gb.c: added a nice easteregg(type "geany" in the
about dialog *g*)
* src/vte.c: added popup menu for the VTE widget
* bugfix: src/prefs.c: fixed crash when opening option dialog and VTE
is disabled
*, src/interface.c, src/main.c, src/callbacks.c:
removed unnecessary functions
2005-12-13 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/sci_cb.c: added sci_cb_auto_close_bracket() to close { and [
brackets in LaTex-Mode (more could be added)
2005-12-12 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: changed key binding to switch between open
documents from CTRL to ALT+Left/Right, so
CTRL+Left/Right moves the cursor to word boundaries
2005-12-11 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: added shortcut F6 to switch to the VTE widget
* doc/geany.docbook: described some of the compile time options in
geany.h and marked filename with <filename>-tag.
* src/interface.c, src/prefs.c, src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c,
src/geany.h, src/documents.c: made length of MRU list changeable
* bugfix: src/highlighting.c: fixed a wrong color value
2005-12-10 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/prefs.c, src/vte.c, src/keyfile.c, src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c:
many changes, adding color settings for VTE
2005-12-09 Enrico Troeger <>
*, src/utils.c, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c,
src/main.c, src/keyfile.c: removed symbol list combo box in the
* src/treeviews.c, src/utils.c: heavily improved the tag list to
categorise the tags in a tree
2005-12-08 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/interface.c: added tooltip text for exit button
* src/main.c: open a new file at startup if none is open
* bugfix: src/keyfile.c: fixed a segfault when starting without a
configuration dir
2005-12-06 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c, src/callbacks.c: diabled extended HOME and END key
default behaviour due to many
2005-12-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/filetypes.c, src/highlighting.c: added new filetype "Assembler"
2005-12-01 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c, src/callbacks.c: extending HOME and END key default
behaviour, to jump back to previous
cursor position if pressed again
2005-11-30 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keyfile.c, src/prefs.c, src/interface.c, src/vte.c:
added some options for the VTE to the preferences dialog
* bugfix: src/sci_cb.c: fixed a small bug by auto closing }-brackets
* src/callbacks.c, src/main.c: added signal and handler for F12 key,
pressed in the main widget
2005-11-28 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/vte.c: added rudimentary clipboard support by pressing
middle(paste) and right(copy) mouse button
2005-11-27 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/vte.c/h: newly created: contains functions for the terminal
emulator widget, which is loaded if is
* added option --[en|dis]able-vte to disable vte support
2005-11-25 Enrico Troeger <>
* scintilla/LexOthers.cxx: edited the properties lexer to colourize
key=value pairs a bit nicer
* tagmanager/parsers.h, tagmanager/conf.c, tagmanger/
added conf.c(built from make.c), to create tags for config files
* src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c: rewrite untitled.extension after
"Save As" in the file header
2005-11-24 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keyfile.c, src/interface.c, src/prefs.c, src/msgwindow.c:
added new option "Switch to status message list"
* src/keyfile.c: store the position of vpaned1 too(sizer between
editor window and the status message list)
* src/highlighting.c, src/filetypes.c: added new filetype "Conf"
2005-11-22 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/sci_cb.c: added missing / to the closing tr-tag in HTML
table auto completion
* src/sci_cb.c: disabled auto completion in HTML at writing pure CDATA
2005-11-21 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/keyfile.c: store the position of hpaned1(sizer between editor
window and the taglist) and load it if window
positions are saved and restored
* src/treeviews.c, src/callbacks.c: added special popup menu to the
list of open files
2005-11-20 Enrico Troeger <>
* new release: Geany 0.3 "Muzzer"
* src/treeviews.c/h: newly created: contains functions for the taglist
and open files treeviews on the left side
* src/treeviews.c, src/callbacks.c: added an open files treeview,
which represents all open files
* src/interface.c: added a toolbar button to open the color chooser
* bugfix: src/sci_cb.c: there was an error at the next line after
closing a multiline comment in C/C++/Java
2005-11-18 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/document.c: make a beep if a file could not be saved
2005-11-16 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/sci_cb.c: fixed a small bug that kills the current line
if a } was added and there is no newline and
there are no non-space characters on the line
(thanks to Frank Lanitz for reporting)
2005-11-15 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c: Save As add a recent opened file to the list, too
2005-11-14 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/utils.c, src/callbacks.c: added shortcut for "walking" between
open documents by pressing
* src/templates.h, src/templates.c, src/document.c, src/filetypes.c:
removed hardcoded filetype templates from filetypes.c and added them
to templates.h/c
2005-11-12 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/templates.c, src/interface.c, src/callbacks.c, src/prefs.c,
src/keyfile.c, src/document.c, src/filetypes.c:
removed GPL options(in the settings dialog, in the context menu for
inserting comments like fileheader with GPL), now this is completly
done within the fileheader template and the wildcard {gpl}, added
also the first template for new file (filetype None)
2005-11-11 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/utils.c: fixed segfault if configuration directory could
not created
* src/dialogs.c, src/main.c, src/callbacks.c:
added a error box which is shown if configuration directory could
not created
* bugfix: src/callbacks.c: fixed a bug which freezed Geany sometimes
at exiting(thanks to Frank Lanitz for re-
2005-11-09 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/filetypes.c: set correct filetype id for type C++, so
template for new C++ file will work again
(thanks to Frank Lanitz for reporting)
2005-11-06 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/highlighting.c: added highlighting support for Python
* src/highlighting.c: extracted all hardcoded styling definitions for
all filetypes, so they can be easily edited by
user in %PREFIX/%DATADIR/geany, a GUI interface
is planned
* src/main.c, src/highlighting.c: load global.tags file only if a file
was opened
* src/callbacks.c: added key combo: Shift+Space to explicitly suppress
use of sci_cb_auto_forif()
* added data/ to be included in tarballs and get installed
2005-11-03 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/interface.c, src/prefs.c: added long line marker settings to
preferences dialog
2005-10-31 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c, src/sciwrappers.c:
reset the line number margin width at zooming in and out (thanks to
Frank Lanitz for reporting)
* src/dialogs.c, src/callbacks.c, src/document.c, src/keyfile.c:
re-implemented recent files menu, this time in a useful way
* bugfix: auto completion is working again
2005-10-30 Enrico Troeger <>
* bugfix: src/filetypes.c: fixed the function pointer of filetype
Tex to get the correct styling
(thanks to Frank Lanitz for reporting)
* src/document.c: reset the width of line number margin at saving
* src/document.c, sciwrapper.c, geany.h, keyfile.c:
added vertical line (by default at column 72) to mark long lines
2005-10-25 Enrico Troeger <>
* new release: Geany 0.2 "Panaka"
*, src/utils.c: added check for gethostname()
and modified utils_get_hostname() appropriately
* src/dialogs.c, src/interface.c: redesigned file open dialog
to make it looks nicer
2005-10-24 Enrico Troeger <>
* added to EXTRA_DIST
* scintilla/*: updated Scintilla to version 1.66
* bugfix: added check for fgetpos(), so compilation
with gcc 4 is possible
* src/sci_cb.c: removed sci_cb_show_entity_list(), because it was
2005-10-23 Enrico Troeger <>
* doc/geany.docbook: added search information in section Usage
* src/utils.c: bugfix: check_disk_status should now work better
* src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c, src/document.c, src/sci_wrappers.c,
interface.c: created "Replace" dialog with Replace, Replace All and
Replace Selection, also improved the Find dialog a little bit
* src/callbacks.c, src/interface.c: added "show hidden files" checkbox
in file open dialog
2005-10-22 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c, src/dialogs.c, src/document.c:
heavily improved find dialog
* src/sci_cb.c: added simple <table>-completion in HTML-mode
* src/callbacks.c, src/interface.c, src/main.c, src/keyfile.c:
added toolbar popup entries for toolbar icon size
* src/dialogs.c, src/images.c: removed compile icon and replaced it
by the GTK stock icon "convert"
2005-10-21 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/callbacks.c, src/interface.c, src/document.c, src/sciwrappers.c:
added read-only mode (and checkbox in file open dialog)
added also text entry in file open dialog to enter directly filenames
* doc/geany.docbook: added startup information in section General
* src/callbacks.c, src/interface.c, src/keyfile.c:
added "Recent files" list to the file menu
* src/build.c: at linking a file(C and C++): if source is newer than
a existing object file, it is rebuilt
* bugfix: src/build.c: compiling a file without any special arguments
didn't work
2005-10-20 Enrico Troeger <>
* src/ EXTRA_DIST entry added, to include images.c
(thanks to Frank Boehme for reporting of missing file)
2005-10-19 Enrico Troeger <>
* first release - Geany 0.1 "Freyborn"
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