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TODO List:
(features included in () have lower priority)
Geany 0.8 or later:
o configurable "date/time"
o Go to xxx - definable command
o documentation: list and explain filetype modes
o inverting highlighting by selection
o src/sci_cb.c: improve auto completion(include local tags)
o user-definable auto completion structs
o dialogs to use descriptive buttons and 12px border
o documentation: preferences
o save build includes & arguments
o separate filetype for HTML
o don't override Scintilla keybindings by default
o allow use of custom global tags files
o common default highlighting all in one config file
o show checked items for document->set menuitems
o (DBUS)
o (startup notification)
o (indent wrapped lines, but how?)
o (project management)
o (folder tree in the sidebar)
o (improved Windows support)
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