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# Running make creates config.h then calls the sub makefiles.
# Other targets are:
# deps: delete the dependencies so they are regenerated on next make
# clean: clean all generated files
# is an optional file to override make variables.
# Use instead of editing variables as it is included in sub
# makefiles.
# to set PREFIX instead of the default C:\libs
# For MSYS use to set CP and RM.
# By default this will work in a Windows command prompt.
WINDRES = windres.exe
CC = gcc
CXX = g++
CP = copy
RM = del
# Note: && is needed after cd because each line is executed in a different
# shell. (cd .. is just for clarity).
all: check-tools config.h
cd tagmanager && make -f makefile.win32 && cd ..
cd scintilla && make -f makefile.win32 && cd ..
cd src && make -f makefile.win32 && cd ..
# first check the required tools are installed
$(WINDRES) --version
$(CC) --version
$(CXX) --version
config.h: win32-config.h
$(CP) $< $@
-$(RM) tagmanager\deps.mak scintilla\deps.mak src\deps.mak
# used by src/makefile.win32 to avoid del ../file which is an error
-$(RM) geany_private.res geany.exe
clean: deps
cd tagmanager && make -f makefile.win32 clean && cd ..
cd scintilla && make -f makefile.win32 clean && cd ..
cd src && make -f makefile.win32 clean && cd ..
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