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Let mailing lists know about the coming release.
For major releases:
* Agree string freeze period for translations.
* Try to synchronize release date with geany-plugins.
Update NEWS file - ideally each committer should review their changes
and summarize the interesting ones. Use `git log --author='name'`
to filter commits by a particular developer name.
Ensure version numbers are all updated in: geany.nsi geany_private.rc win32-config.h wscript
Ensure release date is updated in:
NEWS doc/geany.txt doc/
Regenerate doc/geany.html.
Check GEANY_CODENAME is set in src/geany.h.
Export the code into a new directory (i.e. not usual working copy).
Run 'make distcheck'.
Delete the created archive and run 'make dist' and 'make dist-bzip2'.
Sign the archives with 'make sign'.
Put the resulting tarballs and signature files on - upload
to home directory and after the upload is finished move them into
Rename LATEST-IS-... to the new version number in
/srv/www/ and /srv/www/
Make sure the public part of the GPG key used to sign the archives
can be found on the download page.
Windows builds (enrico?).
Create a signed tag for the release in Git with 'git tag -s <version>'.
Website: update Releases, Documentation links and add a News item.
Update the manual data and links in the filesystem in
/srv/www/ Remember to update current/hacking.html
Announce on geany, devel, i18n mailing lists (check you're subscribed).
Put a news item on SourceForge (
and a new release on (
For non-master releases, merge NEWS into master and any branch-only
commits that need to merged.
For merge releases, bump version strings and codename and merge unstable
branch if any.
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